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HEART OF BONE is an Australian born-and-bred jewelry, accessories and lifestyle brand founded in 2013 by Creative Director Emma Addams. HEART OF BONE creates authentic and unique badass jewelry with a dark edge and a rock & roll spirit that is coveted across the globe. This distinctive gender-neutral statement pieces are embraced by the likes of A-level celebrities, musicians and fashion icons.

Addams has since built a globally recognized and admired brand that has a heavy hitting VIP client list including Miley Cyrus, Lil Nas X, Billie Eilish, Poppy, Drew Barrymore, Ghostemane, Courtney Love, Daphne Guinness, Karl Lagerfeld, Paris Hilton, The Blonds, Slash, Rick Owens, Dave Stewart, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dita Von Teese, Marc Jacobs, Diplo, Skrillex, Katy Perry, Janet Jackson, Kelly Rowland, Joel Madden, Kelly Osbourne and many more

HEART OF BONE, loved by loyal fans and customers everywhere, is highlighted by the brand’s most iconic style: the Bad Bunny ring, now a global cult sensation and a favorite style of loyal customer and worldwide sensation, artist Billie Eilish.

SLASH (photo courtesy of House of Bone)

In March of 2021, HEART OF BONE is excited to announce the release of STAYTRUE™, a revolutionary high shine, anti-tarnish jewelry finish with a lifetime guarantee that’s as authentic as you are and built tough for a life well lived. STAYRUE™ is being initially launched in one style, the brand’s iconic Bad Bunny ring. The launch will coincide with a global campaign that celebrates creativity, individuality and diversity while focusing on giving back to local communities. All the amazingly talented and wonderful people who have taken part in this extraordinary campaign have been set up with a unique QR code that allows them to receive a percentage of sales; helping support the creative community HEART OF BONE loves that has been deeply affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. STAYTRUE™ focuses on HEART OF BONE’s own global community and captures the portraits and stories of those that make up the unique and authentic world that is HEART OF BONE. STAYTRUE™ will be activating interactive community campaigns in Melbourne, Sydney, LA, NYC, Paris, London and Tokyo.

For those about to rock…AC/DC and HEART OF BONE have teamed up in a much- anticipated partnership. Almost two years in the making, this incredible collection fuses advanced bio molecular microscopy technology with traditional craftsmanship to create HEART OF BONE x AC/DC–a high voltage unisex luxury rockware inspired by the band’s rock n’ roll legacy.

There is something for every AC/DC fan including:
-Limited edition bespoke 9k solid gold tribute collectors’ rings
-Bespoke sterling silver tribute rings in three unique styles
-‘Ready to Rock’ artisan crafted stainless steel jewelry styles
-100% Australian-made organic cotton limited edition t-shirts made using the latest technology in screen printing practices and inks.
-Exclusive AC/DC cashmere knitwear, limited to 100 units per release which were created in collaboration with the famous Chanel-owned Barrie factory in Scotland. An ode to the Scottish heritage of AC/DC brothers, Angus and Malcolm Young.
This once-in-a-lifetime, first of its kind AC/DC-inspired collection, is a revolution in luxury rockware. There is already a global wait list for these soon-to-be-released collector’s items and hard rock heirlooms. This is an official partnership with AC/DC with every product in the collection including a certificate of authenticity. HEART OF BONE will begin dropping capsule collection releases regularly over an 18-month period starting April 15.
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