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ACW Games announced the release of “Destroy” a heavy-metal instrumental single from the upcoming ‘Zombie Squash Soundtrack’ written, produced and performed by Roy Z known for his stellar production work with Sepultura, Sebastian Bach and Halford.

Before the single goes on sale at iTunes, Amazon, and other global outlets on June 17th, fans of the official Zombie Squash Facebook page ( can download a complementary MP3 of “Destroy” now. Users simply have to visit the Zombie Squash Facebook page, click on the “Destroy MP3” tab and “Like” the page. A download link is then revealed to the user.

“Destroy” is a high-tempo, shredding piece by Roy Z. With numerous credits including producing Judas Priest’s ‘Angel of Retribution’ which debuted at #13 on the U.S. Billboard chart in 2005, Roy Z’s signature ferocious sound is evident in “Destroy.” Roy Z plays guitar, bass and keys while Dave Moreno (Tribe of Gypsies) provides the bombastic drums. “Destroy” was mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Adrenaline Mob, Yngwie Malmsteen).

The song erupts with a furious pace as does the thrill of the Zombie Squash game. Additional original songs by Roy Z are heard throughout the game.

DestroyA full-length Zombie Squash soundtrack written and produced by Roy Z will be released later this year.

A recent FEARnet review of the Zombie Squash game referred to the soundtrack as “headbanging metal…auditory mayhem.” called Roy Z “a badass” where he was recently interviewed about the soundtrack.

Zombie Squash, a free game for Apple and Android devices, was created by Attila Juhasz whose metal credits appear along with Roy Z’s on numerous Halford and Fight releases for graphics, marketing and editing. In the 90s, Juhasz published the metal magazine New York Onslaught and managed N.Y. rockers ‘No More Johnny.’

Zombie Squash features the voice talents of George A. Romero, the iconic director of Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead and  the Godfather of all zombies.

Zombie Squash is a world where plants and vegetables like turban squash and pumpkins turn into zombie squash spawned from the evil experiments of Dr. B. E. Vil (Romero), owner of the bio-chemical, genetics company Monsterno Corporation. You play as Jack Stompingtail, a fearless rabbit who fires carrots and other garden ammo at the zombie squash onslaught. The player has to try and stop the Zombie Squash from taking over the world. An addictive, survival-mode mini-game is also included.

The fun-for-all ages, tongue-in-cheek, action game is available for free from iTunes, GooglePlay and Free HD tablet versions of Zombie Squash are also available for the iPad and Kindle Fire.

“Destroy” YouTube Teaser:

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