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Scorpions Live In Munich

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Celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2015, the are one of the most successful rock bands to come out of Continental Europe. On September 30, their never-before-released, jaw dropping and emotional final concert of the Sting In The Tale world tour will be released as the concert film Live In Munich 2012 via Eagle Rock Entertainment. [MSRP $21.98 Blu-ray, $15.98 DVD]

With over 100 million records sold, are one of the first rock bands to blast through the barriers and play all over the world, especially in the Far East, Eastern Europe and Russia. They initially struggled to reach a wider audience in their home country of Germany, despite huge success in many other parts of the world. THIS is what makes this concert film Live In Munich 2012 – a homecoming event at the Olympiahalle in Munich on December 17, 2012– so emotional and meaningful.

rock like no other, and this live DVD shows just how. Live In Munich 2012 is a high octane performance, captured before a wildly enthusiastic crowd, and serves as further proof of the power and electricity the Scorpions bring to the stage!

Showcased in this concert event, the band deliver fiery renditions of their classic anthems: “Wind Of Change”, “Rock You Like A Hurricane”, “Send Me An Angel”, “Still Loving You”, “The Zoo”, “Big City Nights”, “Is There Anybody There?”, “No One Like You”, “Sting In The Tail”, and many more — all captured in High Definition.

Live In Munich 2012 is a fascinating look at one of rock music’s most engaging, potent and successful acts, which makes this an essential purchase for any Scorpions fan!

Scorpions are:

Rudolf Schenker (rhythm guitar, lead guitar, backing vocals)

Klaus Meine (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion)

Matthias Jabs (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals)

James Kottak (drums, backing vocals)

Pawel Maciwoda (bass, backing vocals)

Scorpions – Loving You Sunday Morning

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Eagle Rock Entertainment is the world’s largest producer and distributor of music programming for TV, DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Media. Eagle produces quality HD programs, both concerts and documentaries, directly alongside artists including Imagine Dragons, Paul McCartney, Katy Perry, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who, Queen, and Peter Gabriel. Eagle is a multiple Grammy® Award winner and has received numerous multi-platinum sales awards around the world. Eagle Vision is headquartered in London, and is a Universal Music Group company.

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Track Listing

  1. Sting In The Tail
  2. Make It Real
  3. Is There Anybody There?
  4. The Zoo
  5. Coast To Coast
  6. Loving You Sunday Morning
  7. We’ll Burn The Sky
  8. The Best Is Yet To Come
  9. Send Me An Angel
  10. Holiday
  11. Raised On Rock
  12. Tease Me Please Me
  13. Hit Between The Eyes
  14. Kottak Attack
  15. Blackout
  16. Big City Nights
  17. Still Loving You
  18. Wind Of Change
  19. No One Like You
  20. Rock You Like A Hurricane
  21. When The Smoke Is Going Down

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