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SCOTT WEILAND - TOUR BUS - 12-5-15Stone Temple Pilots lead singer, Scott Weiland has passed at the age of 48, in the early morning on December 4, 2015.  It was originally reported that Weiland died in a hotel room but those rumors were quashed as the news broke of finding him dead, in the bedroom of his tour bus. According to Minnesota police, a search of his tour bus prompted the arrest of 47 year-old band-mate, Tommy Black, on cocaine charges.  Weiland was to perform Thursday night with his band, Wildabouts, just outside of Minneapolis and continue their tour with dates in Nevada on December 18, as well as Napa, Calif., December 19.  Police also reported that cocaine was found in the tour bus bedroom where Weiland was discovered, citing that Black, the Wildabout bassist has been using the substance.


Black is being held at the Bloomington Police Department, pending charges.  A search of of his  LinkedIn profile stated that Black has been the manager at the Viper Room on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, Calif., and has held that position since 2002.

TMZ reported that  days prior to his death, Weiland — who had long struggled with substance-abuse issues, had relapsed into crack cocaine usage, along with heavy drinking.WEILAND AND BLACK - GOOGLE IMAGE - 12-5-15

In 2003, The Stone Temple Pilots parted ways. The Grammy Award-winning band reunited in 2008 before breaking up again in 2013.  The actual cause of death is pending but the New York Daily News is already reporting, he died of cardiac arrest.

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  1. This is awful First one of his best friends and bandmates dies, and while hes grieving he gets arrested and the internet starts blaming him for it. Poor Tommy. My heart hurts for what hes going through right now.

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