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Send Me Home - The Struggle EPConnecticut’s Christian post-hardcore outfit is streaming their Chris Curran (Auburn, A Loss For Words) produced The Struggle on YouTube. The band’s debut Harbor Records EP was released today on iTunes and all other major digital outlets and features six tracks in which bassist Caleb Cooper commented on by saying, “The Struggle EP is a personal effort that we are genuinely proud of. As a whole it is an honest group of songs that are true in nature to who we are as imperfect humans. We have all been there in one capacity or another, once starring down a dark tunnel searching for the glimpse of light and hope at the other end. That’s what this EP was like for us. The human struggle is something we can all relate to.” Fans can expect the band to hit the road later this summer in support of the The Struggle.


  1. The Ivories
  2.  Filth
  3.  In Terror
  4. The Family of Flesh and Bone
  5. devil.
  6. Conversations With God

Surfacing from the quiet corner of Northeast Connecticut Christian post-hardcore five-piece , who is motivated to ignite a scene that often struggles for a positive message. Since their formation last year, has since been inspired musically by the atmosphere of a loyal commitment to their faith, friends and family. As hardcore about their message as they are their music, the guys are a humbled group of friends who all share the same passion for Christ and glorifying him day in and day out.



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