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New England alternative metal act will expose the darkest and grittiest aspects of human existence with their upcoming 4th studio album, arriving August 4, 2017.

Produced by Charlie Bellmore, mixed/engineered by Nicholas T. Rage at Dexter’s Lab in Milford, CT, and mastered by Chris “Zeuss” Harris; is the culmination of a of perfecting their sound and boasts 14 brand new tracks. Stream the teaser link below for a sneak peek at the sinister new video for “The Devil In Your Eyes,” single off the album.



 “The Devil In Your Eyes” (teaser clip):

“Two years in the making and we’re psyched to finally get this, our fourth, record out! It was a pleasure working with Nick (again) and Charlie Bellmore (Jasta, Kingdom of Sorrow, Toxic Holocaust, Kings and Liars) at Dexter’s Lab to push our sound to the next level. “The World Away” represents some of the heaviest, yet most melodic work we’ve done to date, and is also of huge lyrical and thematic importance to us both personally in terms of what we’ve all experienced in the past 3 years. Broadly, it encompasses the feelings and emotions felt when having to salvage damage in many forms that may seem irreparable and all the different shades of grey we encounter in the human experience. Do you fold? Do you move on? Each song is a piece of mind open to interpretation for all. We feel a lot of people will be able to relate to this album on many levels and enjoy the ride.” states Brian Almeida, Vocals/Guitar, The Shape.

Album artwork created by Kevin James Frear

official tracklist: 

  1. Our Paradise, Lost (Intro)
  2. The Devil In Your Eyes
  3. Mouthbreather
  4. Decimation
  5. Hope
  6. Cast Away (instrumental)
  7. Where The Sun Sleeps
  8. The Dark
  9. Lightning Rod
  10. The Bargain
  11. Anathema
  12. In The Valley Of Lies
  13. Circle 9 (The Desolate Ones)

was founded in New Haven, Connecticut in 2006 by vocalist/guitarist Brian Almeida and Chris Carlino. For over a decade, they’ve catapulted their constantly evolving mixture of metallic fury and potent melodies into the forefront of the New England metal scene. will celebrate the release of their anticipated new album, with a record release show at Cherry Street on August 4th in Wallingford, CT.

Brian Almeida – Vocals, Guitars

Tom Voytek – Guitars, Vocals” – Guitars, Vocals

Dan Amore – Bass, Vocals

Pete Smith – Drums, Percussion

proudly uses and abuses the following:TAMA drums, Sabian Cymbals, Evans Drum Heads, Vic Firth sticks, Schecter Guitars, ESP Guitars, EVH heads & cabs, Marshall Amplification, Basses, Cables, Dunlop picks, Peavey Amps, Shure Microphones.


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