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One of the most theatrical rockers today, , has struck up a kinship with adult film star Stormy Daniels – as evidenced by recent photographs of the pair together in Miami (as Granny crisscrossed the country touring with Texas Hippie Coalition, while Stormy is on the promotional circuit), as well as Daniels directing the music video for G4B’s “She Likes Guns.” And the collaboration will not end there, as Daniels has also signed on to direct the next G4B video this fall.

“Last summer I had the pleasure of directing a video for G4B for their song, ‘She Likes Guns,’ adds Stormy. “It was such a great experience and the response to the video has been overwhelming, so I jumped at the chance to work with the band again. Our busy schedules made it difficult to get together, but we were finally able to connect in Miami. The meeting was very productive and I cannot wait to share the details about some exciting (but for now top secret) projects.”

Granny affirms “It was really great to meet up with Stormy in Miami last month to discuss the positive feedback the ‘She Likes Guns’ video is receiving, plotting out our next music video and discussing some killer new projects on the horizon…you won’t believe what happens next!”

“Feeling a great sense of accomplishment and excitement about completing the nationwide “Year of The Bull Tour” with Texas Hippie Coalition, Kobra and The Lotus and Brand Of Julez,” says Granny. “We circled the country 2 times and covered over 16,000 miles experiencing the amazing fans and spreading the metal gospel of !”

Granny is already causing a buzz in the metal press, as indicated by this recent quote from the BraveWords website – “IT’S KIND OF CREEPY, SLIGHTLY COMICAL, BUT THEN YOU GET KICKED IN THE NUTS BY IT.” The “She Likes Guns” video can be viewed here:

Granny is a true original and represents freedom of expression, the rebellious spirit of rock n’ roll, disobedience and nonconformity. Think of Granny as the surrogate bad ass metal granny you never had, Granny gives the rock n’ roll children everything they need, and serves up a big middle finger to all the stereotypes of the world!

Now with the two controversial figures collaborating, the results are destined to go down as both provocative and unforgettable for rock fans throughout the world!

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