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SLASH, the iconic, Grammy-winning rock guitarist and songwriter, is releasing a special video and song to raise awareness for the plight of homeless youth in Los Angeles. Fans can make a donation to the Los Angeles Youth Network (LAYN) by downloading the song–a special mix of “Gotten,” with Adam Levine of Maroon 5 on vocals, from SLASH’s previous 2010 debut solo album.

A comprehensive nonprofit organization, LAYN provides for more than 10,000 runaway and homeless youth on the streets of Los Angeles every night, with emergency shelter and group homes for those 12-17 years old and long term transitional housing for young adults 18-24. The goal is to keep these often neglected, abused and homeless youth off the street and provide them with the basic necessities of life such as safety, food, shelter, counseling and supportive services.

To  donate and download “Gotten,” click here:

To donate directly to the Los Angeles Youth Network:

“This video was created to make people take notice of the homeless teen epidemic which is rampant in L.A. as well as in the rest of the country,” explains SLASH. “The story in this video is just one scenario amid millions of potential situations happening at any given time in Los Angeles alone. Everybody involved with the making of this video selflessly donated their time and talents to this cause. I thank them with all my heart.”

“LAYN is extremely grateful to SLASH, Astound Studios, GenAudio and the entire creative force that has come together to support the programs and services of LAYN for homeless and runaway youth often missed by so many systems and who have such limited options for support,” explains Mark Supper Executive Director of the Los Angeles Youth Network. “Your donation helps us prevent the potential harm these youth are vulnerable and at risk for, and assists us in keeping them from being exploited or victimized on the streets of Los Angeles.”

“Gotten” was remixed at Astound Studios ( from its original version using GenAudio’s unique 3D spatial audio technology, AstoundSound®, which is based on over two decades of R&D into how the brain processes audio information.  AstoundSound delivers a deeper and significantly enhanced artist-fan connection that stimulates a powerful artist-fan connection triggering a more intensive emotional response. “The team at Astound Studios and GenAudio were very excited to work on this with SLASH and his people,” said Jerry Mahabub, CEO of GenAudio and Owner of Astound Studios.  “SLASH is a visionary, an idol to many, and a friend to me.  It was both an honor and a pleasure to work on this project for the benefit of homeless youth that need all of our help.”

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