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Smokin’ Delta Voodoo the sought after EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE release is scheduled to street June 8th via HighVolMusic and distributed by Alliance/Amped Distribution..

Originally 12 tracks and released in 2000, Smokin’ Delta Voodoo contains some of the best songwriting from EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE founder Rick Ruhl.

“It was a rough time period in my life and I was getting myself together. I sold my car to make the record so it has a lot of meaning to me. I don’t believe it really got its justice so I am thankful for Bill Chavis wanting to put it out.” explains Rick Ruhl.

Smokin’ Delta Voodoo was remastered by Anthony Focx (Cage & Focx, Beautiful Creatures) and contains 16 tracks and all new artwork.

1. Push
2. Delta Voodoo
3. #3
4. Sympathy
5. Somehow
6. Pray
7. On Display
8. E34 (Unwritten Law)
9. Kerosene
10. Garden
11. Wait
12. Wire
13. Other Side (Voodoo Raw Demo Track)
14. Walkin’ Time (Voodoo Raw Demo Track)
15. Catch Me (Voodoo Raw Demo Track)
16. House of The Rising Sun (Voodoo Raw Demo Track)

“I am pretty pleased with how the  Smokin’ Delta Voodoo project came together. I love this record and everything on it. The new artwork has a little meaning so I hope fans can see the twisted humor in it. There are many more things to come, I’ll just say that for now!” – Bill Chavis

EMN is shooting a new video for SDV April 21,22,23 to be released just in time for their east coast tour May 1st thru May 6th

Smokin Delta Voodoo will be on sale exclusively Sunday, May 6th at Sleazy Slimey Sunday 3. 

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