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SOCIETY 1 - promo - FB page - 2-22-16February 22, 2016 – Los Angeles, California – Society 1 has released a music video for their track “I Can’t Feel” from their album “Rise From The Dead”. The video, which originally premiered with Metal Hammer, was directed and edited by singer Matt Zane of Lord Zane Productions (John 5, Wayne Static, Zakk Wylde, DMC, Orgy). The song was Produced & Mixed by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound and Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering.

When I direct our own videos it’s always a challenge considering I have to jump in front and behind the camera. This video was the most difficult out of all the Society 1 videos because not only did I have to perform but imagine what was going on in the scene. Everything was done on green screen so I was just trying to think about what it was supposed to look like. When I brought it into editing the real challenge began attempting to create what I envisioned. A very cool creative experience. We’re going to concentrate in the realm of complete manifestations of worlds and environments for further videos to bring the music that much farther. We want every sound and visual to really capture the full spectrum of the viewer’s imagination. – Matt Zane (Society 1)

Purchase Society 1’s “I Can’t Feel” on iTunes HERE.

About Society 1:

“Society 1 captures the essence of abuse, overkill and ultimate inspiration…” One of the many quotes that describe what Society 1 has become sincetheir inception. Love or hate what Society 1 stand for, no one can argue with the controversial recognition of this band. They havepushed limits that didn’t even exist prior to their existence.

LA Weekly described Lord Zane as an embodiment of “Morrisonesque shamanics and Satanic self-determination.”

“…as front man for the world-touring metal band Society 1, Zane took live performing to new heights by setting a world record as the first

person to sing live before 40,000 people while suspended 30ft. off the stage by a series of steel hooks pierced through his back.” –The Metal Forge

“Few performers have offered up flesh and blood for their art like Matt Zane has.” — Dr. Abner Mality , Wormwood Chronicles

“… every show is so full of energy that I equate it to catching lighting in a bottle. Not only is it high energy, it drips with the sexiness of dirty Rock ‘n Roll mixed with the sound of grinding industrial metal.” –

(Number 2) ‘The 5 Most Irresponsibly Badass Live Rock Shows Of All Time’

(Number 6) ‘Top 10 Shock Rock Bands of All Time’ – OC Weekly

(Number 82) Exit Through Fear ‘Top 100 Industrial Rock/Metal/Coldwave Albums’ – Ilker Yücel, Editor-Regen Magazine

SOCIETY 1 - cd art work - 1-22-16


Matt ‘The Lord’ Zane – Vocals

DV Karloff – Bass, backing vocals

Iorden Mitev – Drums

Alex Crescioni – Guitar

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