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Boston Power Thrashers SONIC PULSE have signed with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions who will be releasing their debut album Lager Than Life on 12” Black vinyl on December 18th.

Boston Power Thrash “supergroup” SONIC PULSE feature both past and present members of bands such as Razormaze, Skull Hammer, Vindicator, Ravage, Seax and Jaded. Their fusion of Thrash with epic Power Metal is described as “a cross between the beer-fuelled Thrash Metal of TANKARD and the finger burning speedy Power Metal of DRAGONFORCE” (MyGlobalMind.Com). Lager Than Life on 12” Black vinyl is a limited edition pressing and can be pre-ordered through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions at and and will be available December 18th . For fans of Blind Guardian, Cryptic Slaughter, Dragonforce, Formicide, Iced Earth, Meliah Rage, Metal Church, Municipal Waste, Murphy’s Law, Rage, Revocation, Tankard, Wargasm and Wehrmacht.

Sonic Pulse – Lager Than Life
Official Vinyl Release Date: December 18th, 2012

Lineup :

Dan Hammer – Vocals
David R. Carlino – Guitars
Mick Mayer – Guitars
Lauren Cain Kowal – Bass
Joe Bollettiero – Drums

Tracklist for Larger Than Life:

  1. Sonic Pulse
  2. Queen Of Beers
  3. Bong Zombies
  4. Eye Of The Beerholder
  5. Demoniac Spell
  6.  Beyond The Back Hole
  7. Adventure Time

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