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MACHINE SUPREMANCY 8-5-14Swedish overlords of SID metal, , are back! ‘s video game-inspired sounds and melodies, masterful guitar work and unique vocals have set them apart from mainstream generic rock and metal since their beginning in 2000.

MaSu has performed the music from Final Fantasy with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Stockholm (“PLAY! A Video Game Symphony”), appeared in an official Swedish IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships TV commercial, toured Europe with Children of Bodom and produced the original soundtrack to the video game “Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams” together with video game music legend Chris Hülsbeck.

The free archive of music on their website has had over 10 million downloads and counting. Pioneers of all things internet, they’ve utilized file sharing as a major means of building fame since their get-go. They’ve self-released countless songs via P2P networks. They’ve scored the game soundtrack for “Jets ‘n’ Guns” PC game. They’ve released two self-financed albums (“Deux Ex Machinae” 2004) and (“Redeemer” 2006) before getting signed by in 2006. They’ve built an army of fans; world-wide and thousands strong with whose support they are currently attempting to crowdfund an entire headlining tour in Europe. And now they’re presenting their new album to cater to the anticipating hordes: !

Whereas the overall tempo and until now ever-present wild C64 SID 8-bit bleeps & whistles might be toned down a notch on “”, the atmospherics are now cranked up to 11. MaSu matures much like the vast worlds of today’s epic games: “’s” generous 16 songs present an expansive look to a renewed MaSu, a multifaceted version of their music, where there’s a new thrill for the listener to find around every corner, but it’s all done without compromising the end user interface: ‘s trademark melodies are still easy to the ear, their originality unchallengeable and fun as massive as ever!

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