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Vancouver-based / symphonic hard band Stands on Sapphires stormed onto the scene in an apocalyptic way at of last year with their entirely self-made and self-produced album Inviting Warfare. Now, the is making waves again with the release of their new album Inviting Warfare…there are no words, an instrumental version of their pinnacle album. The is made distinctive in part by its composition of a husband-and-wife duo with their life-long friend. Lead vocalist Bethany Rose, guitarist Trevor Isaac, and bassist Wade Britz, jammed together for years before deciding to go all-in on in late 2019. The instrumental album Inviting Warfare…there are no words, removes all lyrics and vocals from Bethany Rose to emphasize the pure instrumental talent that is the backbone of the album. Emotions are still a undercurrent in the album, even without lyrics, as the states, “We’d say this a ‘ Free’ …but that just wouldn’t be true.”

Inviting Warfare…there are no words will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and to purchase on their website.

Listen to the original Inviting Warfare on Spotify:

Watch the official music for “For the Fight” on YouTube:

Inviting Warfare…there are no words features the instrumental versions of all the original tracks from the without the lyrics, plus three bonus tracks with just the orchestral arrangements for “For the Fight,” “Orchid,” and “Warfare.” Without words, the lands solely on the swells of music, otherworldly chords, and symphonic melodies that explore all sub-genres of hard and is a representation of how is 100% self-made. In deciding to release an instrumental album, the says, “It would be a NOT to show off the amazing musicianship that went into this album.”

takes influence from bands across the spectrum, including Skillet, Van Halen, Meatloaf, Shinedown, and Alter Bridge. The transcends the genre to create a world of their own, fully embodied in the musicianship on Inviting Warfare…there are no words. The continues to work on their music daily. Expect new singles and covers soon.

About Stands on Sapphires:

is a hard that toes the line between and metal. It is comprised of lead vocalist Bethany Rose, guitarist Trevor Isaac, and bassist Wade Britz. Though currently located in Vancouver, BC, don’t consider themselves based anywhere, with their being worldwide and their core belief that music has no borders. prides themselves on their independent, self-made music, from inception to production.

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