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Stardog Champion ExhaleStardog Champion features members from Breaking Benjamin, Lifer and The Drama Club. This Northeast Pa. quartet is responsible for selling more than 4 Million Lps worldwide. The band released their much anticipated debut EP titled Exhale on April 23rd as well as a brand new music video for their single “When We Fall.”

Some roots never die, no matter how they are cut. Stardog Champion is proof of this. Aaron Fink and Mark James reunite with vocalist Nick Coyle reigniting the creative flame that sparked the band Lifer and set the path for Breaking Benjamin success, add drummer Josh Karis to the mix and you get Stardog Champion. Produced by Grammy-nominated Neal Avron (Switchfoot, Everclear, Linkin Park) Exhale the group’s first EP featuring the single “When We Fall” is a collection of sharp, mature rock tracks unlike a lot of modern day manufactured rock tunes. Exhale is a product of passion and lifelong influences today’s listening audience should be getting ready to absorb. What will come from these roots? Stardog Champion, breathe in Exhale!


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