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Madness, mayhem, volume and hilarity were served up in generous helpings at Full Moon Dog this past October.  Even more screamingly successful than last year, Starjack Entertainment’s heavy metal music fest, produced in honour of the late Jay-Jay Winter, has given birth …… to a movie.

Christened “Madder Than a Full Moon Dog”, the 90-minute film has captured the music, backstage tomfoolery, band & crowd interviews, and the general frenzied lunacy of the day.  Featuring the best of British metal, including, Orange Goblin, Asomvel, Dark Forest, and many more….

The film, like the festival, is a celebration of the talent, passion, and tragically short life of Jay-Jay Winter, Asomvel’s founder and front-man, who lost his life in 2010.  Ever since then, Starjack Entertainment partner, Deborah Robinson, who is Winter’s younger sister, has tirelessly spearheaded both the festival and film.

The venue – The Cockpit in Leeds, England– was filled to capacity. “So many people turned up to honour my brother,” Robinson said.  “They gave him a party fit for a legend, a party we’ll remember forever – and I’m delighted we caught it on camera for the world to see.”

Breathtakingly directed and edited, the five-camera shoot, all done ‘on the fly’ under very hectic (and noisy!) conditions, has captured not only the power and raw energy of the musicians and the audience, but also the touching ‘family reunion’ atmosphere of the event.

The DVD, which fans have been pre-ordering since the night of the festival, is scheduled to be released this month.

“I will never, ever, forget Full Moon Dog 2012 or the people I met there,” said Robinson. “I’m overjoyed to see that British metal is in such good shape!”

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