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Renowned vocalist Miljenko Matijević, widely known as STEELHEART, is set to enchant fans with two holiday releases that promise to add a touch of magic to the season.


“HALLELUJAH” – A Leonard Cohen Classic Reimagined

Scheduled for release on November 15th, “Hallelujah” takes Leonard Cohen’s timeless masterpiece to new heights. Miljenko Matijević, celebrated for his world-class vocals, not only performs but also produces and engineers this rendition. The track features a captivating choir and a live string section, elevating the experience for listeners. Matijević’s interpretation of “Hallelujah” is a testament to the song’s inherent beauty and his personal connection to its soul-stirring melodies.


“THE CHRISTMAS SONG” – A Classic Revival

On November 17th, get ready for the release of “The Christmas Song,” a holiday classic penned by Robert Wells and Mel Torme. Matijević brings his signature style to the song, handling production, engineering, and vocals. Accompanied by the talented pianist Ed Roth, this rendition promises to capture the spirit of the season and become a cherished addition to holiday playlists.


A Journey of Resilience and Musical Mastery

Matijević’s journey as STEELHEART is nothing short of remarkable. From fronting the current-day DOORS to portraying the lead singer of the ‘fictional’ band STEEL DRAGON in the film ROCK STAR, his musical prowess has left an indelible mark. However, his path to success was nearly cut short 30 years ago when a lighting tower fell on him during a performance, captured by fans on video. Miraculously recovering, Matijević emerged with a renewed passion for touching lives through his music and positive messages.


Celebrating 30 years in the industry, Matijević released a STEELHEART 30th Anniversary album, featuring re-arranged, re-recorded, and remastered classics. The recent singles “We All Die Young” and “Good 2B Alive” and “Angel Eyes (I’ll Never Let You Go)” offer a glimpse into this extraordinary collection, accompanied by epic videos that resonate with fans worldwide.


“Trust In Love” – A Global Anthem of Unity

Matijević’s impact extends beyond borders with the multilingual masterpiece “Trust In Love,” recorded in 12 languages. Originally conceived to unite the Korean peninsula, the song now symbolizes unity in all forms. Its accompanying film, TRUST IN LOVE, directed and produced by Matijević, explores the challenges of record producing, marriage, and family relationships, with a special appearance by Robby Krieger from The Doors.


As the journey continues, the future of STEELHEART promises brand new music, unique themes, and collaborations. Matijević’s zest for life and commitment to reaching people through his music remain unwavering. With praise from Metal Edge Magazine for his extraordinary voice and power ballad performances, STEELHEART is set to captivate the world once again.


This holiday season, join STEELHEART on a musical adventure that transcends genres and celebrates the enduring spirit of love, resilience, and unity. Get ready for a holiday experience like no other, as Miljenko Matijević weaves his magic into the timeless classics “Hallelujah” and “The Christmas Song.”


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