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STEREOPHONICS PROMO 9-18-15, the ninth full-length studio album from multi-platinum-selling and acclaimed U.K. rock band , is out now via in the U.S. Today, September 18 it peaked at #1 on the U.K. album chart, marking the bands sixth chart-topping album. It continues to gain critical praise (see below). “”-the album’s second and current single-is at #24 on the U.K. National Airplay Chart. The official music video for can be viewed below:

The band, who this past weekend (9/12) performed at the debut of Lollapalooza Berlin, recorded at ICP Studios in Brussels and their own Stylus Studios in London as a follow-up to their 2013 acclaimed, platinum-selling Graffiti On The Train. was written by co-founding member and lead vocalist KELLY JONES, who also spearheaded production along with Jim Lowe. The introspective new single “” “is about wanting to lose yourself personally,” says vocalist KELLY JONES, “and lose yourself with somebody, and then just literally get out there.”


“Air-punching stadium indie from Jones & Co. Catchy lead-off single ‘C’est La Vie,’ which arrived in May, tells you all you need to know about the ninth studio album from this most resilient of bands. Here are 10 tracks of undeniably well-engineered rock…the U2 soundscape ‘White Lies’ will surely sound great at festivals worldwide.”

–Mark Bentley, UNCUT MAGAZINE, October 2015

“…Kelly Jones is willing to step towards the edges of his comfort zone. The more successful material reflects this, best exemplified on ‘Fight Or Flight,’ featuring some suitably widescreen orchestration by Bond arranger David Arnold. Off the bat, Jones hits an eerie falsetto over a Massive Attack-style piano riff, unsettling and ominous, before morphing into the sort of epic anthem…sticking with the anthemic, the traditionally strongest second track, ‘White Lies,’ manages to invoke U2’s ‘Where The Streets Have No Name,’ Coldplay and Def Leppard in just under four minutes. It’s an instant classic – lush, in both the Welsh and usual meanings of the word…this is certainly the band’s strongest in recent memory…” (Seven out of Ten stars)


“Singer Kelly Jones’s calling card is the bittersweet tale of small-town romance, and Keep The Village Alive finds him in his element…with his rasping voice augmented by his three bandmates, the Stereophonics tackle time-honoured styles with taut, seasoned verve. ‘White Lies’ is a bracing rocker built on U2-inspired guitars, ‘Sing Little Sister’ a dirty blues number that echoes the Stones’ ‘Sympathy For The Devil.’..they also spring moments of unexpected sophistication, with ‘Sunny’ spiced up with ‘Eleanor Rigby’ strings and James Bond arranger David Arnold adding moody orchestration on ‘Fight Or Flight.'” (Four out of Five stars)

–Adrian Thrills, THE DAILY MAIL, September 3, 2015

“…Jones and co. are handy enough with a hook that the best songs on here – the likes of the second single, ‘’, as well as ‘White Lies,’ ‘Song for the Summer’ and the aforementioned ‘Sunny’ – are immediate enough to make this the best Stereophonics album since You Gotta Go There to Come Back.”STEREOPHONICS CD ART 9-18-15

–Dan Lucas, DROWNEDINSOUND.COM, September 15, 2015

“Kelly Jones’ raspy singing is still the defining characteristic of the Stereophonics’ sound…on Village, they’re lovelorn and cautious…Keep the Village Alive is a pleasure to hear. ‘I Wanna Get Lost with You’ is the kind of noir alleyway that only those from the U.K. can do justice. It’s cool and dreamy, and a lovely, memorable single. It’s what U2’s Songs of Innocence could have been: a helix of Adam Zindani’s Edge-like guitars and Richard Jones’ assured bass. This is a track that can transcend generations, with its notions of leaving a cruel world behind and enveloping oneself in a lover…’White Lies’ is timeless…” (3.5 out of 5 stars)

–Melissa Bobbitt, ABOUT.COM, September 10, 2015

“Beginning with lead single ‘C’est La Vie,’ it’s clear that Stereophonics haven’t lost their energy, what better way to kick off the album than with one of its catchiest offerings?…’Fight Or Flight’ almost haunts you with its eerie falsetto wails, the dramatic moments on this album are to die for; don’t forget the smoothed out moments, like in ‘My Hero’ with its nice and sweet lyrics. The album gets simplistic yet poetic with ‘Into The World,’ it’s these intimate moments that really makes this album a more incredible listen, and it goes out with a bang with ‘Mr and Mrs Smith.’…Try sitting back and relaxing to Keep The Village Alive, Stereophonics have still got it nine studio albums in and you won’t be disappointed.”(4.5 out of 5 stars)

–Marcus Floyd,RENOWNEDFORSOUND.COM, September 3, 2015

“‘C’est La Vie’ opens the record in urgent fashion, with vocalist Kelly Jones sounding as if he could trip over the lyrics at any point.  It’s a good-time tune with an energy that isn’t seen regularly enough from the quartet…’Song For The Summer’ is a sweeping number which utilises orchestral arrangements…it is some of the band’s best playing of the last decade.”(3.5 out of 5 stars)

–Alex Lai, CONTACTMUSIC.COM, September 08, 2015


STEREOPHONICS–KELLY JONES (vocals/guitar), RICHARD JONES (bass), Adam Zindani (guitar) and Jamie Morrison (drums)–are the eighth group to achieve five consecutive U.K. #1 albums (after The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, ABBA, Genesis, Oasis, Blur and U2) and pack two 5x platinum albums (Just Enough Education To Perform & Performance and Cocktails), 11 top-ten singles including a #1 with 2005’s “Dakota.” The band’s 2008 Decade in the Sun: Best of Stereophonics sold over 1.2 million copies (in the U.K. alone). STEREOPHONICS’s 2013 “Graffiti on the Train” toursold out 16 arena shows, moving over 150,000 tickets. The band won a BRIT award for Best New Group in 1998 after the release of their debut album Word Gets Around.

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