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Set for release on June 7, 2022, Steve Adelman’s humorous and engaging memoir Nocturnal Admissions: Behind the Scenes at Tunnel, Limelight, Avalon, and Other Legendary Nightclubs reflects on his years as the director and owner of some of the world’s most popular nightclubs, including the Roxy, Limelight, Tunnel, and Palladium in the heyday of clubs in New York City during the late 1980s and 1990s, followed by Avalon (Boston, Hollywood, NYC and Singapore locations), Spider Club and the New Daisy Theatre in Memphis in the 2000s. This summer look for Adelman to support Nocturnal Admissions as he will embark on a tour that will bring him to Boston, NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and more where he will discuss his writings and sign copies of the book. Pre-order is available now on Amazon here.

The tour kicks off June 17 at Brookline Booksmith in Boston, coinciding with the return of Adelman’s iconic nightlife brand Avaland, celebrating its 25th Anniversary. Combining over-the-top production, innovative décors and the world’s top DJs, the fete will feature legendary DJ Danny Tenaglia with the theme “Make America Gyrate Again”, and will take place at 15 Lansdowne Street, the location of the original Avalon, which is now home to House of Blues.

Confirmed tour dates are as follows, with more dates to be announced: 

June 17      Brookline Booksmith – Boston

June 23      Strand – New York City

July 5          New Buffalo Township Library – New Buffalo, MI

July 7          Hoyt Library – Saginaw, MI

July 12        Book Cellar – Chicago

August 18   Book Soup – Los Angeles

Who’s Saying What About Nocturnal Admissions

A world ‘unbound by the restrictions… of daytime responsibilities’ comes to exuberant life in Adelman’s debut, a chronicling of his decades-long tenure in the nightclub scene. Determined to one day recreate his own version of “Ricky’s Tropicana Club” in I Love Lucy, Adelman left his childhood home in Michigan’s suburbs for N.Y.C. in the mid-1980s. By the early ’90s, he was the 30-something director of five of Manhattan’s largest nightclubs, including the legendary Roxy and the Limelight; in the next 10 years, he’d open clubs in Boston, Hollywood, and Singapore. In stories that pulsate like an EDM track, Adelman gives readers VIP access to that glitzy bygone era’s swirling parties littered with drugs and alcohol. Along the way, he details the ‘controlled process’ of maniacal publicity stunts—fueled by the fascinating symbiotic relationship of celebrities and club promoters who manipulated the press—and offers an entertaining who’s who of club-going stars, from RuPaul to a ‘recently divorced’ Donald Trump, who’d ‘turn up with a young model type, then call it in himself to the tabloids.’ While the New York club scene crumbled under city crackdowns throughout the aughts, Adelman concludes on an optimistic note, claiming that a new golden age of nightlife—’the perfect storm of pent-up demand meeting a changing society’—is approaching. Partygoers will be dazzled.” Publishers Weekly


“With his 30 years of experience running the world’s biggest nightclubs, Steve Adelman takes you behind the velvet rope to a world of celebrity, power, debauchery, and, most of all, fun. With his dishy yarns and observational humor, he transports you so you’re right there basking under the lights of a disco ball with him.” —Kevin Fallon, The Daily Beast

“For three decades Adelman has been a nightlife innovator at the highest level. Whether it be mega-clubs in NYC or dance clubs in Boston and Hollywood, he has set the trend for others to follow. Nocturnal Admissions goes behind the scenes into his world and feels like a funhouse where you can’t help but anticipate what’s around the corner.” —Jodi Goodman, president, Live Nation Entertainment, Northern California


“The world after dark I’ve photographed for over four decades is a place unique to our culture. One where its inhabitants are free to be themselves, without restriction, societal standing or sexual orientation. Nocturnal Admissions captures the humor, commonality and lessons learned from the crazy, fun, glamorous, at times outrageous, ever-changing and essential gathering place we call nightlife.”

—Patrick McMullan, celebrity photographer

“While reading Nocturnal Admissions, I laughed, I cried, but mostly I hoped…that someday Steve would get a real job.” —Myrna Adelman, Steve’s mom

About Steve Adelman:

Widely recognized as the cofounder of the Avalon nightclub brand, Steve Adelman has earned a reputation for combining creativity and bottom-line economics into acclaimed projects worldwide. In the early 1990s, Adelman moved to New York City to open the Roxy, serving as its director. Only two years later he was tabbed as director of the iconic Limelight and within three years had expanded his role to include New York City’s four largest nightclubs, including the Tunnel and Palladium. In 1997, Adelman returned to Boston to launch Avalon on famed Lansdowne Street, which quickly became a national success. Over the next four years, he led a team to develop six venues on the famed street, turning it into the ultimate one-stop entertainment destination. In 2002, Adelman purchased the Palace Theatre in Hollywood and Limelight in New York City, the same venue he directed ten years earlier. After one year and $6 million in construction and renovations, he launched Avalon on both coasts, along with the ultra-exclusive Spider Club. This “club within a club” became the ultimate celebrity haunt and along with Avalon became one of the country’s most sought-after Nightlife experiences. Always striving to be one step ahead and break new ground, he expanded his focus to Singapore, opening Avalon as part of the Marina Bay Sands Resort and Casino, becoming the first American-entertainment brand of its kind in Asia. Returning to the States, Adelman set his sights on renowned Beale Street in Memphis, restoring the historic New Daisy Theatre. 

 Interviews of the author and articles related to his clubs and community involvement have appeared in numerous publications and can be seen at

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