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Michael Thomas (ex-Faster Pussycat, Beautiful Creatures, Engines of Aggression), best known to rock fans as the guitarist for Steven Adler (Guns N Roses), has released a new animated lyric video for What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy), originally recorded by American new wave band Information Society. Thomas penned the track Alive for Adler’s New York Times Best Selling autobiography My Appetite For Destruction,which made its world premiere on The Howard Stern Show, and was featured on ESPN, MTV and VH1 among others. In addition to his work with Adler, Thomas has collaborated with an array of artists from Snoop Dogg to members of American Idol and The Voice. This latest offering showcases his dynamic diversity between tackling instruments and vocals, breathing new life into the notable hit. “I’ve loved this song since I was a kid,” comments Thomas. “It has a timeless 80’s light-hearted electric/pop vibe that I thought would be fun to reimagine with a heavier and more aggressive tone”. 

The video premieres today, exclusively here on Screamer Magazine


This melodic single pack’s emotional vocals and transcendent sound, with a modern rock n’ roll feel. “I wanted to pay homage to the original, but give it my own spin,” says Thomas. “So, the guitars were key in making that happen. One thing I was big on in the production of this track was substituting some of the more futuristic keyboard melodies with modern guitar lines. I also replicated the more digital staccato synth progressions with little guitar killswitch tricks to emulate the melody with a new twist. Bringing in that feel of “real” playing and stepping away from the fully “programmed” sound gave the track a cool new flavor. Deviating the vocal was another important element. You’ll hear this right at the top of the track, it resonates as familiar but is very different from the original.”

Photo by: Emma Jaye / HeyEmmaJaye

The video infuses a punched-up sonic scape, set to a futuristic backdrop that tells his interpretation of this 80’s classic. “I always felt that this song ultimately conveyed a message of hopeless optimism mixed with an undercurrent of loneliness,” Thomas comments. “The music is upbeat and energetic, but the lyrics paint a picture of a gap, a rift, two people not connecting…an inner monologue that goes unanswered. The vastness of space seemed like the perfect silhouette to set the stage for the sound with its darkness, its beauty, its unpredictable violence, and its hope for the future.“

In between recording and touring duties, Thomas plans on releasing original music on the heels of this track. “When our shows were put on hold last year it gave me the opportunity to fall back into my creative space and realize how much I missed the cathartic process of writing music for myself,” Thomas reflects. “Sometimes you get caught up working for other artists and taking the time to focus on your personal outlets gets blurred in the hustle and pushed to the side. You always need to remind yourself to fix them on the horizon and keep moving forward – unpredictably and hopelessly optimistic. Just like the song.”  

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5 thoughts on “Steven Adler Axeman Premieres New Music Video Exclusively Via Screamer Magazine

  1. It emotes a feeling of vulnerability, a time of tempered trust, the unknown is evident as it blends with the possibility, I very much enjoyed the subtle hopeful intensity as that unknown still resonates

  2. I’m realizing what an all around talented Artist he is. Extremely happy for him! Looking for more great things to come. Keep up the great work and keep moving forward

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