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Kindler 2016The Asheboro, NC Prog/Rock/Experimental three piece, Kindler focus on the creation of lasting moments with their debut release, Cosmic Revelations, which is due out tomorrow, March 11th. Ahead of the release, have partnered with Ghost Cult Magazine to unveil an official stream of the 11 track masterpiece, which can be heard here. The album combines a sound entirely of their own, while paying homage to the symphonic ambition in YES, emotional release of ISIS, raw power of Mastodon, rhythmic complexity of TOOL, and the intensity and tonal experimentation of Opeth. Echoes and Dust coined the bands’ sound as, “a listen from bow to stern feels like a true journey.”

Fans can check out the band’s official album release show, March 18th at The Crown at The Carolina in Greensboro, NC. Attendees are in for a treat as the band has partnered with filmmaker Jack Pennington for an exclusive visual to accompany the band’s unique and unforgettable performance. will be donating $1 for every merchandise item purchased at the show to Greensboro Urban Ministry Food Drive. A package of food will be donated post show. Show your support for and opening musical guests Bare The Traveler and Stellar Circuits by purchasing a ticket today at ($8 ADV/$10 DOOR).

More Information about Cosmic Revelations:

While we self-engineered both Cosmic Revelations and our EP, Afterglow, this album comes from a slightly different place than the EP. When we recorded Afterglow, we had a lot of concrete ideas about our music and our identity as a band and the material reflected that certainly. The music on the album, Cosmic Revelations, however, is punctuated by what we can an ‘ominous question mark.’ Things change, life is unpredictable, and very little remains certain, and these themes are present in nearly every song on the album.”

More about the band:

The band toured off the EP and opened for Balance and Composure, The Reign of Kindo, The Virgil Donati Band, and Tides of Man to name a few. The band also released a powerful song, “Shifting Ground” [which was] in honor of National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, through partnerships with several local charities. After a successful EP run the band is gearing up for a brand new release in the spring of 2016, Cosmic Revelations. Kindler worked with Grammy-­award-­winning mastering engineer, Bob Katz.


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