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Apparitions - Kiss Me SleepingApparitions, who was formerly named This Twilight City, have streaming Apparitions’ Andrew Baylis (Camisado, For The Broken, Honour Crest, Provoke Destroy) produced Kiss Me Sleeping. The album, which is released today, may be streamed HERE and purchased in stores and online now. The hotly anticipated and critically acclaimed album features thirteen tracks that Brandon Spearman describes as, “Pop-metal, but in all honesty it is a bit deeper than that. We do have some metal and pop tendencies, but we also bring a bit of experimental, progressive, and electronic styles to the table as well.” Brandon then continues by saying, “With the different styles of music we have mixed in that makes our sound, we would be able to fit in with groups like Chiodos, Coheed And Cambria, and Circa Survive.”

Vocalist Alex Lee then briefly describes the album by stating, “Kiss Me Sleeping was an original idea for the band name before we agreed on Apparitions. It stands for times in my life I was at my absolute darkest. Like the real me was gone or sleeping rather. All the while there was always someone there who loved me unconditionally. The lyrics on the album are a definite 180 from the This Twilight City love songs. We are more aggressive, and that raw crazy sound needed some deeper lyrics from the darkest parts of me. It touches on my alcoholism, sexual appetite, my ‘Forget it moments’, and just things of that sort.”

  1. Intro
  2. Mascara Queen
  3. She Dies At The End
  4. Burn Alive
  5. Like In The Movies
  6. Modern Whorefare
  7. No Sweet Home
  8. Capture The Moment
  9. Leaving
  10. Miss Fortunate
  11. Where Are We Now
  12. Sleeping With The Enemy
  13. Fall To Arms



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