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SHINING is certainly one of the most controversial and musically brilliant bands in the scene. Mastermind Niklas Kvarforth has never made a secret of his mental illnesses and other psychological issues, thus, themes such as self-destruction, suicide and violence play an important role in the band’s music. Over the course of ten studio albums, including masterpieces such as the acclaimed V. Halmstad and Redefining DarknessSHINING has garnered a large and loyal following who adore the musical genius and eccentric nature of Niklas Kvarforth. 

It would not be appropriate to force SHINING into a musical genre. They root their main musical influences in black metal, but combine it incomparably with influences from various far-reaching genres such as classical music, jazz and progressive rock. SHINING‘s music conjures grim moods, aching wounds and deep emptiness. Napalm Records welcomes one of the darkest, most sinister and original bands in the genre today to their roster.

SHINING mastermind Niklas Kvarforth on the Signing:

“Markus Rödl and I proudly announce today that we have reached an agreement with Napalm Records, who will release our upcoming 11th album in conspiracy with The Sinister Initiative in early 2023. A year in which the world will be force-fed a brand new, and for once suitable horrific stage show capable of visualizing our brand of darkness, new videos by brother Claudio Marino, as well as another thing or two which will inspire as well as disgust.”

Napalm Records A&R Sebastian Münch states:

“Napalm Records is proud and honored to partner with one of the most influential black metal bands in the world. Very few bands understand the core essence of black metal like SHINING does. I am excited to join SHINING with the new album release, to explore and push new creative boundaries.”

Experience SHINING live in 2023!

Studio Albums:

2000 – Within Deep Dark Chambers

2001 – Livets ändhållplats

2002 – III – Angst, självdestruktivitetens emissarie

2005 – IV – The Eerie Cold

2007 – V – Halmstad

2009 – VI – Klagopsalmer

2011 – VII – Född förlorare

2012 – Redefining Darkness

2015 – IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends

2018 – X – Varg Utan Flock



Niklas Kvarforth – Vocals

Charles Hedger – Guitar

Nicolas Barker – Drums

Peter Huss – Guitar 

Alex Friberg – Bass

Markus Rödl – Sentinel 

SHINING online:





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