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Records is excited to announce the release of W.E.T. new album “Rise ” on February 22nd in and February 26th in North .

The W.E.T. debut in 2009 was of the rare occasions when a band, created by the vision of a record label president, managed to create such a wave of enthusiasm and interest from and the media alike. Not only did it go beyond the ’s own expectations, but it pushed the musicians themselves to raise their own game, when in the beginning they thought “no would care except maybe the die-hard from the three bands the name W.E.T. came from”.

element to the success of “W.E.T” was to create a modern Hard sound and it into the future with powerhouse rhythm and production, making it an equally classic and contemporary release.

Robert Säll (the “W” from Work of Art), Erik Mårtensson (the “E” from Eclipse) and (the “T” from Talisman), along with returning members Magnus Henriksson and , accepted the daunting task to create a follow-up, that could live to the expectation of thousands of across the globe.

The ’s release will be anticipated by the release of the single “Learn to Again” on December 17th – an unbelievably -friendly song, which features for the a vocal duet between Mårtensson and Soto.

Rise ” presents again a production and equally impressive songwriting, which updates the term “classic rock” into the new century. “The songs were written between December 2011 to February 2012 and were recorded between March through May. We then wrote/added three more songs in September, recorded them in October and the whole was finally mixed and mastered”, says Erik Mårtensson. “To me this sounds more like a ‘band’ verses the 1st ”, adds The first was great as it had a lot of great songs but this has great songs and a personality which shows growth as far as I’m concerned“.

Hook after hook, “Rise ” is another of these albums where you can enjoy the dynamics of a brilliant partnership bringing out a unique result. bullet are followed by haunting ballads and fabulous in an that will leave listeners in awe from start to finish.

We took what we all loved about the first and built the songwriting and sound from that. We to give the more of an identity and tried to find ‘our’ own sound. I really think we achieved it with this album. Heavier and darker than the first which we all in the love. It’s melodic for a new century!“, tells Mårtensson. adds: “Strangely my faves are the more uptempo songs and ballads on this album, W.E.T do great stuff naturally but to have more strength on some tracks and then get emotionally charged in made those songs the more interesting for me”.

W.E.T. plan to launch the through a special show in at the Debaser Club on January 17th 2013. The so far has made only one appearance at the annual Firefest event in the in October 2011, but in this new and special concert appearance, they will be showcasing for the new songs as well as digging some tracks from the now classic debut, plus some cool surprises. Tickets can be bought in advance here

Rise ” will be released in February, but it will be very difficult to envision anything better to come out during the year to beat the “Melodic of the year” for 2013!

Rise ” tracklisting includes: Walk Away; Learn to Again; Up; Love Heals; What You Want; The Moment; Bad Boy; On The Run; Wings; Shot; Still Believe In Us; Still Unbroken.

Learn to Againsample can be heard following this link:

W.E.T. is:

Jeff Scott Soto: Lead Vocals
Erik Mårtensson: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Robert Säll: Keyboards, Guitars
Robban Bäck: Drums
Magnus Henriksson: Guitars

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