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Introducing , the new band featuring long time friends, Justin ‘JD’ deBlieck (Ex-) and (). The band has released their new single “The Hermit” to all major platforms! The band premiered the official lyric video on

“Our vision for this project was to combine our collective love for various genres of music while incorporating a unique and thought provoking, but ultimately relatable concept. The result is a continuous forward moving energy that propels you from moment to moment throughout each characters stories” says Justin deBlieck.

Adds , is more than a couple guys getting together to write songs. It’s a conceptual journey, where we explore the archetypes and their relationship to the alchemical process and it’s pursuit of the philosophers stone.”

is a brand new band fronted by long time friends, Justin ‘JD’ deBlieck (Ex-) and (). Together they deliver dueling vocals, shrouded in cryptic lyrics over high energy progressive rock. Their music explores the parallels between the tarot and alchemical transmutation. Alike the alchemists of old, their songs are riddled with hidden meanings sending the listener on a mystical journey through the collective subconscious.

“The Hermit” can be bought/streamed at:


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