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The 69 Eyes - Fangtasia 3This summer, gothic boutique publisher Seraphemera Books & Music will continue to reveal more of the history from Helsinki, Finland-based gothic metallers THE 69 EYES in the second part of the three-part series THE 69 EYES: HELSINKI VAMPIRES. The second issue of the trilogy will premiere this weekend, July 20th, in New Orleans at Fangtasia III, the yearly summer vampire event co-produced by Jyrki 69 and graphic novel series co-writer Kurt Amacker.

Pieced together from a secret story hidden in six of the band’s songs (and certainly confirmed from hints dropped in countless articles and quotes), Book 2 brings you the tale of the formation of THE 69 EYES that you would never find on Wikipedia or in the bio section of any record company’s web site.

“This is the cult, in the old skool way!” commented THE 69 EYES lead singer Jyrki 69. “I wish The Cramps had the same in the ‘80s…”

The story follows the vampire Jyrki as he travels to Los Angeles in the heyday of its raucous death rock scene. The urban witch Christina Death has summoned him from across the globe, even as their intentions are entirely at odds. What follows carries them from L.A. to Paris and then to New Orleans, in a spectacular vampiric odyssey of love, loss, and obsession.

Series co-writer Kurt Amacker states: “I know the fans have been waiting… and now they can see the next chapter in the history of THE 69 EYES.”

Publisher Marc Moorash concurs: “This is The Empire Strikes Back of our trilogy and it won’t disappoint in setting up the finale!”

The series includes storytelling from Kurt Amacker (Dead Souls, Tad Caldwell and the Monster Kid) and Marc Moorash (More To Follow, co-editor Garbanzo Literary Journal).  Artists include J.C.Grande, Ulises Roman, and Blake Wilkie.

Fangtasia III will be held on Saturday, July 20th from 9 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. at The Howlin’ Wolf, 907 South Peters Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Both Amacker and Jyrki 69 will be on hand to autograph copies of the comic.

Read Jyrki 69’s exclusive Fangtasia III interview here.

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