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are really proud to announce the release of a new inspiring short film, “Like No Other”. Joining the on for three weeks, a journalist / videographer captured shows across the US for time since the global pandemic stood the music industry on its head.  Every night the did what they do best: great ROCK!  The “Like No Other” short film reflects on past memories and modern-day  that instill hope and happiness to people around the world.
The world has gone a bit of late with a lot of people feeling trapped and alone. Hard times often bring out the best in people and music has always been a healer. We all need to cherish the moments that make your skip a beat!As  has said for decades: “Love is the answer & Music is the healer, let’s n’ roll together”.

The Daisies are just about to kick off twenty nights of and Comedy across the US with a bill featuring  trio and the host of ‘That Show’, comedian Don Jamieson. Come late October, the “Like No Other”-World will see their return to the ,for time since 2018, with a set brimming with songs from their latest album ‘Holy Ground’ and so much more.  Joining them on this leg as very Special Guests will be hard rockers, The Quireboys.  In November they set off to taking in Russia and traversing the continent until mid-December.
are lead guitarist Doug Aldrich, the “Voice of Rock ” himself, Glenn Hughes, the monstrous beats of drummer Tommy Clufetos and stalwart guitarist David Lowy.
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