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On Saturday, December 15th at 10AM (MST) The Melodic Buzz radio show will celebrate it’s 100th show.  For nearly two years The Melodic Buzz has rocked the airwaves of KBUZ The Buzz (Prescott Valley’s Only Rock Radio Station) and online at the stations website.

“The show is a labor of love.” states show host Johnny G. “I believe in the music that is played on the show and I love bringing tunes to people who may have never heard of most of these bands.”

The bands frequently heard on The Melodic Buzz get very little airplay in the Unites States, but Johnny G. hopes that changes. “There is no reason, in my opinion, that bands like Crashdiet and Eclipse can’t be played on stations nationwide that play artists like Motley Crue and Poison. Or that a similar station can’t sandwich H.E.A.T. in between Whitesnake and Journey.”

“That’s why I started The Melodic Buzz in the first place,” he continues. “To give airtime to bands from all over the world who are still releasing quality melodic rock music.”

The Melodic Buzz is a one hour radio show heard every Saturday morning at 10AM (MST) on KBUZ…The Buzz in Prescott Valley, Arizona and worldwide on the stations website

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