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Coming off another successful Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas, I thought it would be best to let the campers tell you how it went!

ROCK & ROLL FANTASY CAMP is open for business in Las Vegas and the participants, fans and general public are LOVING IT! As you read the reactions from our most recent campers take some extra time to check out our website to explore how you can be a part of the RRFC experience as a Full 3 or 5 Day Camper, explore our one day Rock Star for The Day Experience or a Corporate Event Camper. If you really feel the LOVE and would like to be part of our growth strategy give us a call at 888.762.2263 ext: 4. We’ve never been more excited about our future.  Here are some of the great things they had to say about their experience:

“To sum it all up, RRFC gave me something that you cannot put a price on. It connected me with my true self, with my spirit, and what fulfills my soul. Who I am and what I need to do in this life!  For this, I say Thank You, for following your dream and sticking with it because there is so much more going on there than dollars and fantasies. It allows for everyone campers, counselors, and headliners an opportunity to express the very best of who they are. To be human and vulnerable ( if they are truly strong enough to do that). And make friendships and connections that makes the world a better place. I came to rrfc on a last minute whim that I could barely afford, to live my dream and jam with Warren Haynes. Also to put myself out there and see for real how i measure up to some real pros. The feedback I got was overwhelmingly positive!!  Ty Dennis stopping in the middle of  our power trio fusion jam with Johnny A (I played bass cause that was what was needed) and asking me what band I was in and if I was a counselor!  To Gary Hoey pulling me aside and saying ” dude you could be an artist, you’ve got to do something with your music! anytime you can come to one of my shows you’re getting on stage with us” Here’s what I’m going to do, start my own band ,the one I’ve been putting off all my life. Record an album. Do this not for fame fortune or anything but for myself. Do it for what all the great players do it for. That one note. Yes the one note that plays itself, the one note that peaks at top of a crescendo, the one that is so pure it connects everything and everyone that hears it, the one that is felt in your soul. The one that heals, makes you  scream , raise your hands in the air, makes you cry, The one note that says it all, it comes straight through from God!! That is my inspiration that I received from RRFC. And of course, one more thing, I have a new dream, to come back to RRFC. Thanks again for keeping the dreams alive” – Andy B., CA

Every Musician MUST go to Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp.”- Billy Amendola, Modern Drummer Magazine

“This was the best time ever. I couldn’t be happier with the entire arrangement and structure and especially the people.  The counselors were OUTSTANDING, and were stars in their own rights. (I won the lottery by being chosen by Teddy…he is the best!!!)  The big name visitors were gracious to a fault and made sure that everyone had personal access….Warren made it a point to pick up and play every campers guitar and ask about them…..very cool.”- Rey M AKA Big Finn, FL

The experience drove me to my knees!  I can’t believe I got to experience something this fantastical.  The talent of my counselors was off the charts.  They were so patient with me as a total beginner and didn’t mind that I was scared out of my wits.  It was very moving to have my band want me to still be their singer after my voice got blown out and I was wigging out the whole time with nerves.  Meeting and jamming with legendary rock stars seems unthinkable.  But my favorite stars were my wonderful counselors and their genius at turning out a band with 5 strangers of different skill levels.  Amazing!“- Ellen G, TX

My business schedule precluded me from taking you up on it.  I have always looked back upon my 9 camps with amazement and sheer JOY!  There is not a day that goes by that I do not make a reference of the stories from those camps, especially recording in Abbey Road Studios and that whole mind numbing experience at that camp.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!  When I tell people of those experiences there is a sense of wonder, awe and “gee wish I had the money, time or intestinal fortitude (aka balls!) to do something like that” response.

How YOU transform lives…..and to realize that this mere mortal is a good friend of yours!  “WOW” just does not do it justice!“- Fred D., D.E.

Didn’t get a chance to make it to our October or November camps? Well don’t worry because our upcoming camps (January 23-27, February 14-18, and March 5-9) feature so many amazing Rock Stars including; Steve Vai, Mike Portnoy (Adrenaline Mob), Richie Furay (Buffalo Springfield), Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction), Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Sammy Hagar (Chickenfoot), Roger Daltrey (The Who), Alice Cooper, Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction) Hugh McDonald (Bon Jovi’s band), John 5 and so many, many more. Our new rehearsal studios are fully outfitted with the greatest musical equipment and gear from Roland, DW Drums, Fender Cakewalk, Electro-Voice, HP, Boss, Gibson, Zildjian, Ernie Ball and more!

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