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The Los Angeles-based alt-punk band behind the critically-praised debut album, Movies, THE STRIPMINERS announce the November 13 release of their sophomore record Frail Hope RanchTHE STRIPMINERS are Brett Anderson, vocalist for rock dynamos The Donnas, Paul Stinson from punkers The Radishes, producer/guitarist Scrote (Daniel Johnston, Puscifer), Brett Simons (Brian Wilson, Fiona Apple, Melissa Etheridge) on bass, DJ Bonebrake (of X fame) on drums and Holland Greco (Anais Mitchell, The Peak Show) multi-instrumentalist, singer.

THE STRIPMINERS debut album, Movies, proved the band’s penchant for an eclectic and varied mix of punk, alternative country, garage rock and Pixies-like flair.  Frail Hope Ranchtakes on a more cohesive musical theme, comprised almost entirely of moody alt-country ballads conveying the visual of the name behind the title track.  Interestingly, these songs were written and recorded at the same time as their debut, but the band chose to save these to be packaged together in this standout sophomore release.  Thematically the songs revolve around a male/female duo: “Sometimes we’re siblings, sometimes we’re lovers, it’s a little sick, but who wants to hear songs about healthy people?” states Lady Brett.

Song choice is critical to a record’s success and these veterans of the alt-punk genre knew exactly what they were doing.  The album jolts the senses with “Gothic”, a spooky, guitar/violin instrumental, painting a picture of fear, pathos and confusion. The tracks continue with a cinematic flair in “Y’all Part 1” and “Y’all Part 2” which frame the album’s standout track and first single, “The Twins,” demonstrating the album’s lyrical poetry, depth and complexity.  THE STRIPMINERS slow-motion fuzzy guitars, lethargic, deep bass picking and atmospheric cymbal rolls, blend with lyrics that are equally dark, matching heartbreaking refrains sung by Stinson and Anderson, “I’m still hiding away with you” and “I’m still pining away over you”. The album finale, a rockin’ cover of The Zombies’ “She’s Not There”, is perhaps the most impressive cover of the song to date, incorporating vibes, tight harmonies, and (eventually) the anger that the lyrics convey.

On October 27th, the band will play a pre-release party in Los Angeles at Echo Country Outpost.  An evening of hand selected bands, chosen by THE STRIPMINERS will perform around the complex.  In addition, there will be Special Guests sitting in when THE STRIPMINERS take the stage.  The band will be pre-selling their new album with a limited edition version in white vinyl for fans to pick up.

THE STRIPMINERS hinted toward their alt-country leanings with Movies tracks “Better Than A Song’ and the sultry “Like a Harp”.  Now, Frail Hope Ranch takes the band even further and is as sure to bring in new fans, as it is to satisfy the faithful.

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