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is not your conventional band. The project came together among conversations between friends during the height of the Covid Pandemic. The Project is comprised of five members — , as lead singer, drummer of , guitarists and , and bassist , all from .

is the owner of the Clothing Brand “Cult of Individuality,” which has become one of the leading fashion industry brands worn by artists including , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Guns N’ Roses, Three Days and many more. This connection led to long lasting friendships between Poisson and these musicians. Aside from owning Cult, Poisson is also the front man for a local New York Cover band, .

is an American Drummer from Florida who has played for many bands, including  Skrape, Dark New Day, Black Label Society, Device, Crossfade, Rival City Heights. He’s also been involved with several bands like Staind, Static-X, and , either for recording or as a live member. Currently, Hunt is the  drummer of .

is currently the guitarist for and formerly with the band God Forbid.

 is currently the guitarist for BAD WOLVES and formerly with the band Bury Your Dead.

is currently the bassist for BAD WOLVES and formerly with Scar the Martyr.

During the Covid lockdown, Poisson was active in the social media world conducting interviews on live platforms to continue to keep the music artists and his brand in the public eye with so many people out of work and bored. These interviews led to the initial conversation between Poisson and Hunt about having some fun and doing a couple covers to keep busy. Poisson and Hunt decided work on this project together and reached out to their mutual friends from Bad Wolves , Coyle, Konkiel and Cain to join the project. The guys all recorded separately– both audio and video– during lockdown. Selecting 2 songs to work on, the band agreed on “Sober” by Tool to cover first. And when drummer, Joey Jordison from Slipknot passed away, the band decided to honor Joey and Slipknot by doing a cover of “Dead Memories” as well. Joey’s contributions to heavy music with Slipknot and beyond can’t be understated. There was a fire and vibrance to the way he approached not just the drums, but his songwriting as well. Covering “Dead Memories” was a way for the band all to pay homage to him and give respect to this legend that is gone way too soon. He will be greatly missed.

The Project– as it is being referered to, will continue to grow and expand with other artists and mutual friends jumping in on future songs. Stay tuned!

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