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This City Awaits - Said the LiarDallas’s Christian rock outfit will see the release of their sophomore album, their first on Red Cord Records/Bridgeway Entertainment, entitled Said The Liar on April 23rd. The three piece – featuring only guitar, drum, and bass – sets out to create a simple, straightforward rock sound, in which they succeeded with on the ten track Said The Liar. The band has recently released a lyric video and music video for “Nathan.”

SAID THE LIAR (April 23rd)

  1. Nathan
  2. This Darkness
  3. Hold Still
  4. Yet, There Is Life
  5. Dead and Gone
  6. White Ambulance
  7. Focus
  8. Cardiac Arrest
  9. Farther Away
  10. Salutation

is a simple, straightforward three-piece rock band. Guitar, Drums, and Bass—exactly everything you need to make rock and roll. was formed in 2010 because of a desire to be an influence and have a voice in the local music scene. Hard work led to multiple gigs as a supporting act for Hawthorne Heights, Disciple, and Seventh Day Slumber. Determined to move forward in 2011, they recorded their debut album Code Red: Urgency in their hometown of Dallas, Texas. The success of two singles from the album “Come Back To Me” and “The Addiction” led to 600+ copies being sold—great results for an independent band.

Every year the band will sit down and write down goals for the upcoming year, and in 2012 one of their goals was to do something that no band their size had dared to do before: tour and tour a lot. In 2012, they posted 90+ dates on the road with dates reaching out as far as Norfolk, VA and Jackson, WY. As if the response from the fans wasn’t successful enough, they ended up getting recognized by the independent label Red Cord Records and ultimately signing to their artist management group, BridgeWay Entertainment. In the fall of 2012, quietly went into studio to record a new album, working closely with Chris Galvez as producer. Their second album, Said the Liar can be simply described as 10 songs that are more mature and stronger for This City Awaits.


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