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Achim Bieler from Southern Germany has emerged victorious in British progressive band THRESHOLD’s fan video contest!  His winning entry can be viewed on YouTube.

THRESHOLD guitarist Richard West comments:  “Congratulations to Achim and his team!  They created a great movie with beautiful cinematography and a storyline that was both abstract and engaging.  We really enjoyed this video!”

“Staring At The Sun” is a track off of THRESHOLD’s ninth studio album, March Of Progress, which was produced at Thin Ice Studios and Eightspace Studio in the U.K. by THRESHOLD guitarist Karl Groom and keyboardist Richard West.

Watch Part 1 of the March Of Progress track-by-track commentary here and Part 2 here.

A lyric video for the radio edit of the song “Ashes” is available on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel.

Download the “Ashes” radio edit and the THRESHOLD Songpier app from this location.

Visit THRESHOLD online at:

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