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Teaming with a new US based music promotion company, Tigertailz fans are now making a charitable donation with every album purchased.  Since the days of hard rock on music television, Wales based band Tigertailz have been at the forefront of UK issued hard rock music. With a dozen official band releases, countless spins on FM radio and more concert performances than a fan can count, Tigertailz has earned their legendary rock and roll status. Now on board with the Los Angeles, California based All Hard Rock Music Promotion Company, every Tigertailz purchase made through gives something more. It offers hope and care.

In 2007, co-founder and bass player for Tigertailz, Pepsi Tate (Justin Smith) succumbed to the effects of pancreatic cancer at the young age of 42. In his name, his widow and friends have registered and developed a charity, found online at Amser Justin Time offers awareness to the deadly disease as well as sets up care provisions for those suffering from the illness in Wales. Donations also help to fund medical research to find a cure for pancreatic cancer.

All Hard Rock founder and CEO Joe Dolan, a fan of the band’s music since their inception, has given Tigertailz a place to distribute their music to fans as well as promote the band’s continuing career. At, fans can purchase digitally enhanced downloads of the Tigertailz catalog with new and added bonus features, including printable art, videos and original demo material. With each purchase, AHR makes a donation of one dollar to Amser Justin Time.

“I want to make every effort to enhance this wonderful charity,” shares AHR founder Joe Dolan. “My own music career was long inspired by Tigertailz, and as a bass player myself, I would emulate Justin when I got on stage to perform. In honor of all he offered me as an artist and a fan, this is something I personally feel is mandatory for All Hard Rock to offer.”

On the website, Tigertailz has offered Dolan creative license to distribute the music. Along with the music, fans can make a charitable donation of $3 in exchange for a full resolution download of the 2012 video for the song “Fall In Love Again,” a fan favorite. Eight featured album downloads are also available, including the original demo recordings from their chart hitting “Bezerk” and “Wazbones” releases. The newly assembled album download features an astounding 26 demo songs, enhanced to a stunning 320-kbps for just $14.95.

In 2013, the music world will be witness to new performance dates and new recorded material from Tigertailz, but for those who can’t wait to see them live, All Hard Rock is proud to offer the back catalog of the band’s releases through digital downloads, with the added benefit of love and hope.

Tigertailz can be found online at their official website,, or on Facebook at

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