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, the new band featuring George Lynch, Jeff Pilson and “Wild” Mick Brown – aka “The Big Three” from Dokken, will be released their debut album “Slave To The Empire” on October 31st via Rat Pak Records.

“Slave To The Empire” was was produced by the band and recorded in Los Angeles at Pilson’s Pilsongs Studios. The album’s12 tracks consist of seven new original songs with Pilson on vocals, and five re-recorded classic Dokken songs that feature sensational vocal performances by Tim “Ripper” Owens, Doug Pinnick (Kings X), Sebastian Bach, and Robert Mason (Warrant).

The band came together when Lynch asked Pilson to collaborate on new material. “George asked me about working with him on the next Lynch Mob record — and I jumped at the chance” states Pilson. “He and I started writing, got into a groove and wrote an album’s worth of stuff, all with the intention of Oni [Logan, Lynch Mob singer] writing lyrics and it being their next record. Brian Tichy laid down some incredible drums at his studio (and co-wrote some music on one track) and we had an incredibly strong start. Then Oni just wasn’t feeling the music as being Lynch Mob, so it was shelved. We figured it’d be the start of another Lynch/Pilson record some day. Then, actually, it was Brian who had the idea that Mick, George and I should do a band, similar to what Heaven & Hell was to Black Sabbath, and call it Tooth & Nail (now due to a legal dispute with Tooth & Nail Records). Because of everything else we have going, it’ll be just a recording project at first, but sure sounds fun. We’d record the classics keeping true to the originals but make them fresh and organic. Then the idea of doing new songs came up, and it grew from there.”

Mick, Jeff, and I have been playing together for many years” states Lynch. “When we go way back in time, we always had the most fun when we were just sitting in a room together or up on stage with the three of us playing.”

“Don’t think of this as Dokken without Don -that’s misleading” adds Pilson. “Think of it as a band with great chemistry coming up with new music that excites them, and also paying tribute to Dokken music which the members all are heavily invested in emotionally. Don is, and will always be, the singer of Dokken and an invaluable part of the Dokken chemistry. No one ever wants to take that away or dispute it one iota. However, the three of us do have time tested amazing chemistry, and because we were writers on these songs, I feel we have a lot to express. If anything, I think this will be a show of respect for Don, not some kind of competition. I only hope people enjoy it in the spirit for which it’s intended.”

The new material on Slave To The Empire is passionate music with a message.  On the opening title track, Pilson challenges the listener to rise up against the system and think for themselves. “What did it take to forge your every thought into an empty state of mind / Always looking for what isn’t lost and the first to follow blind / Can’t you see what’s going on / You’re a slave to the empire.”

“This record is not meant to be preachy or overly political” states Pilson. “We just want to encourage people that no matter where you come from, don’t be asleep at the wheel.”

“Slave To The Empire” track listing:

  1. Slave to the Empire
  2. Sweet Unknown
  3. Tooth and Nail (featuring Doug Pinnick of Kings X)
  4. It’s Not Love (featuring Robert Mason of Warrant)
  5. Rhythm of the Soul
  6. When Eagles Die
  7. Into The Fire
  8. Alone Again (featuring Sebastian Bach)
  9. Mind Control
  10. Kiss of Death (featuring Tim “Ripper” Owens)
  11. Jesus Train
  12. Access Denied
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