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SCOTT WEILAND - GOOGLE - 12-18-15The County Medical Examiner of Hennepin, a short distance from where Scott Weiland was found dead on his tour bus, has determined that the former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver lead vocalist died of an overdose citing the drugs, cocaine, ethanol, and MDA [methylenedioxyamphetamine a drug chemically related to ecstasy].  Other tests also revealed signs of heart disease and asthma.

Weiland’s very public fight with drug abuse spurred the members of STP to let Weiland go in February 2013 even though they had joined forces again, just three years prior, to tour and put out another LP.

In the interim, STP hired Chester Bennington, lead vocalist for Linkin Park.  They went on together to release an EP entitled, High Rise, which garnered them critical acclaim.

Though Weiland’s demons got the better of him, he was not just a celluloid character but also a human being, a family man and a talent who will be sorely missed by all.

7 thoughts on “Toxicology Results Show SCOTT WEILAND Overdosed On Cocaine, Alcohol And Ecstasy

  1. Really sad and tragic as hoping it turned around he was such an incredible singer what a great friend man the fuck this battle for so many years with drugs when you’re on the road for that long just happens

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