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based modern group has shared today their new single “Awake At Night,” available on all and streaming platforms. The new song comes hot off the heels of their hard-hitting single “ Your Grave,” receiving over 100,000 streams in 3 months, marking their 4th single with -winning producer Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Velvet Revolver, Alice in Chains). With “Awake At Night,” takes listeners on a of a passionate love affair that has reached a turning point, leaving only with the fears and paranoias to evaluate whether the price paid is worth the company gained, or is the cost enough to keep you awake at night?
“In any form of a relationship, the honeymoon phase only lasts so long. Eventually people’s personalities can crash in a multitude of ways,” reveals of the song. “We have all had a night wondering what to do when a relationship has come to a crossroad. Too often we find ourselves in situations that started off great, only to find out a partner isn’t the person they portrayed in the beginning.”
is composed of Tim Venerosa (guitar), Beau Lastavich (vocals), Barry Conaway (bass), Greg Herndon (keys), and Matt Carter (drums). Together the has rapidly made their name in playing at notorious venues and festivals including the Motorcycles and Music Revival and the Music Festival. Nationally, has gained recognition through touring with Steel Panther, the self proclaimed “Greatest Metal Ever,” and have been included in Spotify’s “ Hard,” “New Noise” and “All New Rock” editorial playlists.
Filled with modern- muscle, hooks, rhythmic breakdowns, heroics, and vocal harmonies, True Villains’ songs salute the influence of a bygone era while updating that sound for a new generation. This isn’t a nostalgia act. It’s no revival. Instead, it’s the sound of rock & roll in the 2020s: big, burly, and just the right amount of pissed-off. If you’ve been worried that is dead, look no further. These are about to be your new heroes. For more information, please visit
Stream the new single HERE

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