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Under The Gun is exclusively streaming the brand new Narrow Heart’s release entitled Make This Yours. The stream for the follow up to Strive To Change may be heard HERE. The dynamic and blistering Make This Yours sees its release today and may be purchased from iTunes. The album has already received critical acclaim in the form of:

“From start to finish ‘Make This Yours’ consistently offers powerful, hard hitting lyrics and vocals. The guitars are heavy and the guttural sounds of the bass march their way through every track with roaring beats.” – Under The Gun

“Narrow Hearts create a fluid, hard-hitting and resounding bible of positive and free thinking which can make even the most down-trodden and desperate soul find the will and the wherewithal to change their circumstances.” – Me Gusta Reviews

“Narrow Hearts have managed to refresh a genre that, to me, was becoming completely oversaturated. The riffs are attention-grabbing, the song structures are well thought out and each track is executed precisely. If you are looking for an album that will relight your metalcore fire then make this yours.” – Rock n Reel

Narrow Hearts – Make This Yours Tracklisting

  1. Break Free
  2. Conformity
  3. Turning Point
  4. Spread Thin
  5. Suspects
  6. Unconscious Heart
  7. Unconscious Minds
  8. Pvt. White



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