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Swedish Viking death metal legends, UNLEASHED, are featured in a very special collector’s edition of Decibel Magazine out now! The issue includes an exclusive Hall of Fame piece chronicling the making of the band’s classic Where No Life Dwells release. An excerpt from the article is as follows:

“Where No Life Dwells isn’t like other Swedish death metal records of the era. Songs like ‘Dead Forever,’ ‘Before the Creation of Time,’ ‘Unleashed,’ ‘If They Had Eyes’ and ‘Into Glory Ride’ had power and clarity. Coupled with Waldemar Sorychta’s clear yet punchy production—more like Colin Richardson than, say, Tomas Skogsberg UNLEASHED’s songs didn’t have to be studied or endlessly revisited to understand. They were built on an array of tightly controlled and repeated riffs—the rhythm section replicated the idea—so the end result mirrored British heavy metal more than the (equally enjoyable) murk emanating out of Stockholm.”

The issue also goes on to list the “Top 100 Death Metal Albums of All Time,” according to their respected and opinionated writing staff. Order your copy today here!

UNLEASHED released its 11th studio album, Odalheim, April 24, 2012 via Nuclear Blast Records. Odalheim was recorded at the Chrome Studio in Sweden and produced by UNLEASHED guitarist Fredrik Folkare.  The 11-track offering can be purchased through the Nuclear Blast webstore:

Once again, the mighty line-up consisting of Johnny Hedlund (bass & vocals), Fredrik Folkare (lead guitar), Tomas Olsson (rhythm guitar) and Anders Schultz (drums) has created a multifarious and hymnal album in typical UNLEASHED fashion. Odalheim continues the post-doomsday story embedded with Norse mythology of the band’s previous effort, As Yggdrasil Trembles.

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