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Until_Dawn_-_Horizon_-_Album_Cover‘s intense energy, intoxicating guitar riffs along with their lively stage shows has shown that their location in the remote northern depths of Fort McMurray, Alberta will not slow them down as they unleash their latest album ‘Horizon’ on Tuesday, August 6th to follow up their 2011 self titled breakthrough.

Vocalist Adam Macleod comments:

“We started working on Horizon two years ago, and the concept came together fast. As a touring band, we are always staring into the horizon geared towards the next show. That’s what we are trying to convey with our next record. We spent an immense amount of time writing and doing pre-production to ensure we lived up to our own expectations and our fans. We believe this is the best representation of what is right now. We are extremely proud and excited to get this record to our fans, to make new ones and hit the road to play the new songs live.

Our single ‘This Fallen Fortress’ started as a song about being from Fort McMurray and the struggles we face as a band secluded so far north. But quickly turn into being about gaining strength through out any obstacle you are faced with. We as a band believe you can find strength and perseverance in any situation, and turn it into a positive. Let this dawn awaken.”

Mixing the sound of modern metal and classic rock, brothers Luke and Deke Worrell, with Adam MacLeod and Steve White have created a thirteen track exploder that appeals to both young and old alike.

The band is now streaming their first single ‘This Fallen Fortress’ at the following links:

Soundcloud –

Track listing for Horizon

  1. Roamers And Lurkers
  2. Strings Of The Dammed
  3. The Red Sun Rises This Day
  4. Third Knee
  5. This Fallen Fortress
  6. A Conjurer Of Cheap Tricks
  7. DNR
  8. Time Tested Fortune
  9. The Trial
  10. Polar Parallels
  11. Horizon
  12. WM3
  13. Richard

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