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Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of the second album, ‘2 Make U Cry & Dance from rock n’ roll juggernauts, Electric Mob on January 27, 2023.

A new single and music video, “By The Name (nanana)” is out today.

These talented Brazilians stormed on the scene in 2020 with the release of their electrifying (no pun intended) debut album ‘Discharge‘, wowing listeners with their modern take on classic bluesy hard rock executed with heartfelt, soulful musicianship and absolutely monstrous vocals.

The follow-up sees the band’s songwriting and musicianship taking a HUGE leap forward. Truly, an all killer, no filler affair, “2 Make U Cry & Dance” is proof positive that high quality rock ‘n roll does not adhere to any geographical borders. 

And for those wondering, the album title is a reference to certain lyrics on the album being reflections on the hard times we go through in life while the music is simultaneously high energy and meant to raise the spirits and make you…. well, dance.

Formed in Curitiba, Brazil by Renan Zonta (vocals), Ben Hur Auwarter (guitar), Yuri Elero (bass), and André Leister (drums), Electric Mob caught the attention of Frontiers with their tremendous hard rock songs that show the influence of contemporary hard rock giants while also showing a knowledge of the hard rock pillars of the ’70s and ’80s.

Electric Mob is comprised of four young, hungry and extremely talented musicians, with the rock ‘n roll attitude to deliver their explosive performances. Like a sonic punch to the face, their songs are a mixture of powerful vocals, mean guitar riffs, and heavy groove with influences from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. There is no doubt that Electric Mob is leading the charge to put Brazil on the rock ‘n roll map.

Get on board the rock n’ roll train!

2 Make U Cry & DanceTrack List:

  1. Sun Is Falling Down
  2. Will Shine
  3. It’s Gonna Hurt
  4. By The Name (nanana)
  5. Soul Stealer
  6. 4 letters
  7. Locked n Loaded
  8. Saddest Funk Ever
  9. Thy Kingdom Come
  10. Love Cage
  11. Watch Me (I’m Today’s News


New single “By The Name (nanana)” follows the previously released monstrous new song, “Sun Is Falling“, which came out this past October.

Electric Mob Line-Up:

Renan Zonta – Vocals

Ben Hur Auwarter – Guitar

Yuri Elero – Bass

André Leister – Drums


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