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Rock band released their debut self-titled album to all major platforms!

is a rock n roll band hailing from Pensacola, FL. While spending all of 2020 and 2021 writing and recording their debut album, they honed in on what makes them stand apart, and what they do best.

The debut album from Florida rock band recalls the edge and bravado of bands like Guns n Roses, AC/DC, and Motley Crue, but with an original, modern twist. Blistering guitar solos, catchy riffs, soaring vocals and a lethal rhythm section all come together to create a sound harkening back to a time when music was raw, blisteringly energetic, and loud. In a world where it is commonplace to play it safe, Gunshine throws the rule book out and plays it straight from the heart, no tricks, no frills, no BS. This is rock-n-roll, the kind you’ve been missing.

Drums and guitars were recorded at Clearwave Studio in Decatur, Alabama with engineer Jeremy Stephens (Gregg Allman, Alabama Shakes). Vocals were tracked in Las Vegas with producer/engineer Chris Collier who has worked with Korn, Whitesnake, Mick Mars, Lynchmob, and more. The album was also mixed and mastered by Chris Collier.

WATCH the official music video for their single “” here:

“I haven’t heard anything this good in decades. Gunshine is the future of rock”

-Mitch Malloy

“Gunshine came out of nowhere to capture the ears and spirits of so many of my listeners. This band delivers such pure and hungry tracks, that it would be criminal for any fan of rock to overlook them.”

– Eddie Key, Program Director for 97X (WYYX)

“The playing is razor sharp and the songs are embedded with a melodic, yet edgy feel. The album is a spectacular blend of high quality songs, and top level musicianship.”

– Rock Candy Mag



Track Listing:

  1. Loud
  2. Daylight
  3. Live Free, Get Wild
  4. Feel Alright
  5. Change Today
  6. No Way
  7. Playing With Fire
  8. Something Real
  9. Meet You There

Gunshine is:

Austin Ingerman- Guitar

Jordan Benson- Vocals

James Renshaw- Drums

Pat Brown- Bass

For More Information Please Visit:

Official Website






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