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2021 is going to be heavy: Sweden’s finest stoner rock four-piece GREENLEAF just announced their new full-length Echoes From A Mass – out on March 26th, via Napalm Records. The successor to their 2018 epic, Hear The Rivers, is more than ready to spread GREENLEAF’s concentrated sludgy energy to all disciples of the genre. Once again, GREENLEAF are only boiling with Stoners finest ingredients: Their main influences are made of a not to be despised prog- as well as psychedelic impact, adding a rousing vortex to the Swedes sonic corset. Heavy desert riffs, sprawling drum parts, catchy melodies and grooving rhythms make their new record an absolute eye-catcher. Their first single “Tides” and it’s intense official music video, immediately draws the listener   into a swirl of guitar driven soundscapes, while Arvid Hällagård’s remarkable voice merges with hypnotizing background vocals, ceremonially inviting the listener into a heavy reverie.

Watch the new video for “Tides” Below:

Once again, GREENLEAF prove that they dare to think outside the box and deliver a heavy roller comprised of Sebastian Olsson’s rumbling drumming performance, fuzzy guitars, Fröhlich’s haunting bass lines, Arvid Hällagård’s powerful yet ghoulish vocals and undeniable, heavy stoner, southern desert and blues vibes. Echoes From A Mass was recorded at Studio Gröndahl in October 2020 by former band member Karl Daniel Lidén, who also mixed and mastered the record at Tri-Lamb Studios. Lidén is recognized for his work with well-known acts such as Katatonia, Bloodbath, Lowrider and Crippled Black Phoenix, to name a few.

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  1. Tides
  2. Good God I Better Run Away
  3. Needle in My Eye
  4. Love Undone
  5. Bury Me My Son
  6. A Hand of Might
  7. March on Higher Grounds
  8. Hang On
  9. On Wings of Gold
  10. What Have We Become


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