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The sound of Motorfinger is like taking elements from each of the legendary grunge bands and forming something entirely new and wholly contemporary.  Their charging guitars are sometimes chunky and low-slung like Alice in Chains’, sometimes melodic and epic sounding, like Mother Love Bone’s, and sometimes simplistic and couched in power chords, like Nirvana’s.  Their drums are crashy, smashy, groovy, and Grohl-ian. Daniel Garjás’ vocals are a cross between Layne Staley and Phil Anselmo.  Their compositions are reminiscent of other great alternative bands of the era as well, such as early Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Tool, Audioslave, Helmet, 5FDP, and Stone Temple Pilots.  Check out the new vid.

Motorfinger have played support for bands like UGLY KID JOE, D-A-D, Truckfighters, Black Debbath and many more.





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