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L-R: Joe Principe, Tim McIlrath, Zach Blair, Brandon BarnesPhoto credit: Wyatt Troll

“Millennials and younger generations are dealing with a lot of things that my generation and my parents’ generation didn’t:  income disparity, environmental degradation, the barrier of entry for jobs.  ‘Nowhere Generation’ is connecting with people who, like the band members, have simply had enough of this sh*t.” 
– Lyricist/vocalist/rhythm guitarist Tim McIlrath
Armed with a blistering, aggressive new single, “Nowhere Generation,” the multi-Platinum, politically imbued punk rockers RISE AGAINST celebrate the track’s catapulting into the Top 25 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart and Top 30 on Billboard’s Alternative charts in only its third week of release.  The song is a David-and-Goliath call-to-arms directed primarily at Millennials, Gen Ys, and Gen Zs to preserve and defend the fact that people, not politicians, hold the real power and that our younger generations need to reclaim that power to ensure the future of American Democracy.   In its debut week, “Nowhere Generation” was the #1 Most Added track at both Rock and Alternative radio, an accomplishment that only Foo Fighters’ #1 smash “Shame, Shame” also achieved in the past year.  Additionally, in the short time since its debut, “Nowhere Generation” has contributed   2.3-million streams to the band’s global total of nearly 4-billion. Check out the band’s new performance music video of “Nowhere Generation” below.

“Nowhere Generation” is the title track from what may be the most consequential album of Rise Against’s 20-year career, due out June 4 on Loma Vista Recordings.  The eleven songs on  Nowhere Generation call out today’s social, economic, and political factors that are undermining and redefining one of the core tenants of being an American:  that despite your race, place of birth, or societal class, if you apply yourself and work hard, you can achieve your vision of a fuller, richer and better life, The American Dream.  What is tantamount to a sell-out of the Middle Class is the thread that runs through the album.  Said vocalist/lyricist/rhythm guitarist Tim McIlrath, “The brass ring that was promised by hard work and dedication no longer exists for everyone.  When the privileged climb the ladder of success and then burn it from the top, disruption becomes the only answer.”

“Nowhere Generation” single cover art

“‘Nowhere Generation’… the relatable doggedness…its optimistic defiance –
not to mention the rocket-fueled hooks underpinning it – turn it up loud…” 
 — Loudwire
ABOUT RISE AGAINST:  The multi-Gold and Platinum RISE AGAINST has worn its social and political views on its collective sleeve for its entire career.  The band is known for its explosive live shows and its outspoken, socially-conscious lyrics that speak to the realities of our times:  the environment, economic injustice, forced displacement, political corruption, voter registration, animal rights, and interpersonal relationships, all delivered with big, chunky riffs and melodic post-grunge hooks

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