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Tempt have released a cover of the brand new Foo Fighters’ song “Holding Poison”. The track was produced by Grammy Award winner, Chris Lord-Alge and the band’s guitarist Harrison Marcello and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge at Mix LA.

“Because of the pandemic, the release of our debut album on Better Noise Music has been delayed a year and this was a way to get some new music out to our fans”, explained lead singer Zach Allen. “When we heard the new Foo Fighters album, it just got us excited to rock out and have fun again. We had a bit of that ‘I wish we had written that’ feeling when we heard this song and a rehearsal jam session on it organically became a recording and video. When we played a phone recording for Chris he said ‘let’s do it’.”

“This new Foo’s album is right in our wheelhouse. It’s big guitars, big hooks and just a fun record” said Marcello. “Often people look to do covers of older classic songs but we were inspired by this new record. We took a bit of a cue from Jimi Hendrix when he performed Sgt Peppers at a live show on the day of its release.”

As they have done with covers of classic artists ranging from Def Leppard to Queen to new music ranging from Taylor Swift to The Weeknd, TEMPT have been able to put their own unique style into the productions and arrangements transforming them while also satisfying fans of the originals.

Tempt will perform “Holding Poison” during their next live stream celebrating National Zipper Day on April 29th at 8PM Eastern time!

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One thought on “(video) TEMPT Covers New FOO FIGHTER’s Track ‘Holding Poison’ And Announce New Live Concert Stream April 29th

  1. Loved this cover! Everything TEMPT does is amazing! They are a very talented group of musicians!! Vocals, guitar, bass and drums, they have it all and you will be hooked from the first note! Check them out, you will become a fan for life!!

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