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Socially-conscious rocker Patrick Doval teams up with Pete Parada (The Offspring) to turn the camera back on Big Brother with his new single Soulless Machine – released 24/06/22. 

Driving riffs. Uncompromising drums. Emotive vocals. These elements mix the best of prog, punk, and roll & roll-on Soulless Machine which, despite its namesake, champions a human story at its heart. The single, and its accompanying video, delve into the world of ultra-surveillance, social unrest, and the fragility of media integrity. Taking inspiration from classics including Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Metropolis, and 1984, Soulless Machine mixes striking effects and animation to tell the story of a woman breaking free from the social bondage of her surveillance state. 

Soulless Machine marks the collaboration between Miami-based Patrick Doval and Pete Parada who served as the Drummer for major Punk Rock band The Offspring from 2007 – 2021. Following Parada’s forced dismissal from the group after not taking the COVID-19 vaccine on advice from a doctor due to suffering from Guillain-Barre syndrome, the pair instantly clicked over the anti-establishment themes that have resulted in a no-holds barred true 21st Century punk anthem. 

The single marks the latest in Patrick’s stories artistic history. To date he has released 6-albums and 22-music videos, all marked by Doval’s signature daring musical and visual style. Patrick’s work has seen him compared to the likes of Bowie, The Cure, and The Smiths, as well been showcased in Art Basel and the Wynwood Arts District of Miami’s Curator’s Voice Art Projects. 

Soulless Machine is available to stream across all platforms worldwide now.








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