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Arizona’s Voodoo Sex Cult, has decided to get down and DIRTY.  The Arizona  Rockers known as multi racial kick ass Rock-n-Roll band is proud to announce that they are now sponsored by Dirty Tequila.

Dirty Tequila – Dirty Cinnamon & Pineapple Infused Tequila has all the flavors to make traditional tequila cocktails more exciting and flavorful. Because of the unique multiple flavor pallet, Dirty Tequila can be sipped or mixed allowing anyone to make innovated drinks.

Voodoo Sex Cult upcoming events sponsored by Dirty Tequila:

April 23rd Main Stage, Cottonwood, AZ( AZ Schoolgirl Run)

April 30th Joe Gottos Phoenix, AZ (Fuck Cancer Event)

May 6th The Zoo Flagstaff, AZ

June 4th Pranksters Too Scottsdale, AZ

Voodoo Sex Cult is made up by, “The Rev, the Preachers Son, The Redneck, The Castilian, and The Survivalist, five guys that share one common goal, one common passion; to create their own distinct sound of rock and roll, and share it with the world”


Voodoo Sex Cult

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