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Groundlift’s frontman Ace McCormack and bassist Mike Dutko instantly became friends when they had their first rehearsal and discovered their palpable musical synergy. Leah Bluestein became the obvious choice for drums when they heard her play like a combination of Dave Grohl and Neil Peart. 

The joining of their three varied and eclectic music tastes resulted in a fresh, unique sound where Ace’s love of beautiful melodies, Dutko’s adventurous Queen-like writing style, and Leah’s unbridled technical prowess all shine through. They are three musicians obsessed with their craft, allowing each other to fire on all cylinders with no holds barred. Combining tasty and inventive licks with catchy melodic hooks, surreal lyrics, shredding guitar-drum-AND bass solos, and an unfathomable rhythmic tightness, Groundlift is truly a band unlike any other. 

With their hard rock-inspired vibe, thick-pocketed grooves, and catchy tunes that will stick in your head for days, Groundlift is a band that can get the hardcore punks backflipping into the mosh pit, the indie fans singing along, and the fellow musicians nodding in approval all at the same time.

A Quick Fix is the merging of a catchy, flowy chorus with a funk rock, Chili Peppers-inspired riff and a Black Keys-influenced melody that is sure to hit you differently than most rock singles coming out today. Our first single since pairing up with producer Steve Evetts (Dillinger Escape Plan, The Wonder Years, Sepultura) is a window into our bright future as a modern power trio.”Groundlift

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