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One of the most theatrical rockers today, , is about to prove to be one of the most fearless – and thought-provoking – artists as well, as evidenced by the music video for the song “She Likes Guns.” Kicking things off with a spin on a famous Mae West quote, “Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” The Quentin Tarantino esque song and video is about unabashed women who take down villains.

Directed by adult film star Stormy Daniels (and featuring adult film stars Lily Lane, Casey Calvert, and Arya Fae) the video was filmed in one day in June of 2017 on location at CIA (California Institute Of Abnormalarts). Known for its underground band scene, burlesque and freak shows, CIA was the perfect venue to enhance and bring out the best parts of G4B.

Granny explains, “Stormy and I were on the same page from the outset. We discussed matching the songs’ provocative theme and double meaning innuendo with back-and-forth footage of the band interlaced with sexy women with guns. There’s always negative press associated with guns and we wanted another perspective. The gun represents a metaphor for empowerment and respect for women, courage and inner strength. Never underestimate the power of a woman, she can be very dangerous!”

 Granny continues “It was an honor and a pleasure working with Stormy. Stormy and her crew worked tirelessly and efficiently capturing so many magical and intense moments! 

“We wanted to use real weapons for the shoot, so the models were posing with real guns – from our outstanding gun wranglers Nabil Khattar (of Angeles Armory) and Sean Myers. These guys brought an arsenal to the video shoot. Everything from pistols including a .500 S&W Magnum, Derringer, assorted revolvers, Thompson Submachine gun, and an AK-47…just to name a few. And of course, at the end of the video, Lily Lane riding our insane CGI cannon!” 

Granny is already causing a buzz in the metal press, as evidenced by this recent quote from the BraveWords website – “IT’S KIND OF CREEPY, SLIGHTLY COMICAL, BUT THEN YOU GET KICKED IN THE NUTS BY IT.” 

And Granny’s first single/video, “Freak Flag” (released via Mighty Loud Records and produced by Jeff Tomei) – a song about being true to yourself – has proven to be incredibly popular with rock radio, and can be viewed here:

By now, you will probably realize that Granny is a true original – She is “The Matriarch Of Metal” A neo-Victorian shock rock nightmare! She represents the rebellious spirit of rock n’ roll, freedom of expression and nonconformity. Think of Granny as the surrogate bad-ass metal grandma you always wanted.. She’s cooking up her special recipe of hybrid metal for all the rock-n-roll children, and serving up a big middle finger to all the stereotypes and oppressions of the world! 

And as evidenced by the video for “She Likes Guns,” Granny continues to push the envelope even further. 

Come see what all the buzz is about one a stage near you, during the band’s spring US tour. 



4/26     Atlanta, GA                            The Masquerade

4/30     Baltimore, MD                      Baltimore Soundstage

5/3       Louisville, KY                        Trixies

5/5       Winchester, VA                      Blue Fox

5/7       Providence, RI                        Alchemy

5/8       Watertown, NY                      Exhibition Hall 

5/9       Rochester, NY                        Montage Music Hall

5/10     Clifton, NJ                              Dingbatz

5/11     New York, NY                          Kingsland

5/12     Harrisburg,PA                         Harrisburg Midtown Arts center

5/13     Warrendale, PA                      Jergels

5/15     Cleveland, OH                        Agora Ballroom

5/16     Flint, MI                                  The Machine Shop

5/17     Joliet, IL                                  The Forge

5/18     Battle Creek, MI                     The Music Factory

5/19     Racine, WI                              Route 20

5/20     St Louis, MO                          Fubar

5/23     Seattle, WA                            El Corazon

5/24     Portland, OR                           Hawthorne Theatre

5/25     San Francisco, CA                  DNA Lounge

5/27     Los Angeles, CA                    1720

5/30     Phoenix, AZ                            Marquee Theater

6/1       Fort Worth, TX                       The Rail Club

6/2       Houston, TX                           Scout Bar

6/3       Austin, TX                              Come and Take It Live










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