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’s latest musical masterpiece “” is set for release on May 28th via . This four song EP finds exploring their sensitive side (and yours if you aren’t careful) with acoustic versions of four well-known numbers from the band’s storied career as legitimate gods of shock rock. The picture disc is sold out at but limited quantities will be available at indie retail stores in the US starting on May 28th.  Here’s a link to find one near you:
Today, your Lords and Masters are as thrilled as David Crosby scoring an eight-ball to unveil a new epic video for the acoustic version of “Fuck This Place.”  Watch the video below.

Guitarist Pustulus Maximus confessed, “I forgot to pay my electric bill so we were forced to rehearse acoustically and this is the result. The , the bad, and the ugly,”
Singer Blóthar the Berserker had a somewhat more confusing take; “This isn’t what I thought they meant by ‘unplugged.’ I haven’t been able to muster a turd for years.”
Stay tuned for more GWAR news including info on their forthcoming “Ragnarok” rye whiskey, “Bud of Gods” CBD and touring plans.
” Tracklisting:
Side A:
1.   Fuck This Place (Acoustic)
2.   Gonna Kill You (Acoustic)
Side B:
1.   I’ll Be Your Monster (Acoustic)
2.   The Road Behind (Acoustic)
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